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Social Responsibility and the Community - Assignment Example

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The paper “Social Responsibility and the Community” seek to evaluate corporate social responsibility, which refers to the organization's commitment to supporting the development and implementation of a corporate strategy that will boost the lives of employees…
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Social Responsibility and the Community
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Extract of sample "Social Responsibility and the Community"

Download file to see previous pages Corporate social responsibility promotes the reputation of the company and creates a competitive advantage. In the modern world, organizations are under pressure to practice corporate social responsibility while still making profits. Indeed, it has become an expectation for all organizations to be ethically and socially responsible for the benefit of the organization and society (ISO, 2010). This paper will research and write an analysis of Starbucks social actions in the community. Analysis Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading coffee retailer, roaster, and brand of specialty coffee in the world. Starbucks originated from Seattle, USA, but today it operates in over 60 countries with more than 18,000 stores. Starbucks specializes in premium and sells salads, books, gifts, warm and cold beverages, and other accessories. Due to its wide market network, high quality of its products, and the wide range of products, Starbucks commands a significant market presence where it has the largest customer base in the coffee other blends- drinks industry. As a result, it interacts with many societies and therefore influences their lives. Therefore, there is a need for a corporate social responsibility strategy to guide the operations of Starbucks Coffee Company all over the world. 
Indeed, it is clear from the organization’s website that Starbucks adopted various corporate social responsibility strategies with a view of achieving its mission statement. Specifically, the corporate social responsibility strategies adopted by Starbucks includes the 2000 partnership with Conservation International aimed at creating ethical coffee-sourcing guidelines (Bruhn-Hansen, 2012) and the formulation of the Starbucks Foundation. Moreover, Starbucks seeks to be accountable to all Starbucks stakeholders and making social investments in origin countries as well as minimizing their environmental impact. Additionally, the organization participates in the Global Month of Service. There are various pros and cons to the application of the respective corporate social responsibility strategies adopted by Starbucks Coffee Company. For example, the 2000 partnership with Conservation International aimed at creating ethical coffee-sourcing guidelines derives notable pros and cons. In this strategy, Starbucks boosts the lives of farmers by purchasing at outright prices, signing long-term contracts, and buying directly from farms and cooperatives (Starbucks Corporation, 2013). This equally ensures a sustainable supply of high-quality coffee to the organization. Moreover, through the Ecologic Enterprise Ventures and the CI Foundation, Starbucks avails credit facilities to farmers (Starbucks, 2001). Nevertheless, an outright price and long-term contracts hinder the farmer from enjoying better prices from other companies in the near future. More so, there is a risk to the repayment of the loans given to the farmers. On the other hand, the partnership allows Starbucks to give financial incentives and rewards to coffee suppliers who conserve the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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