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Theory/ Paper: A Bronx Tale - Movie Review Example

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Criminological Theory Criminological Theory [Insert Here] [Insert University Name Here] Level: Master Distinction Criminological theory This is the study which seeks to bring out the reasons why those who commit crimes commit them and what drives them to commit these particular crimes…
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Theory/Movie Paper: A Bronx Tale
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Download file to see previous pages This theory is the most popular theory which is used in the study of deviance. Its main focus is on how people learn to be criminals (Sutherland, 2013). But on the contrary it does not bother itself with finding the reason why these particular characters become criminals.Sutherland in explanation of the theory came up with the idea of `self’ which looks at bringing the concept of self image in the society and how one tries to maintain it while interacting with others. In this theory it was noted that, people use their life experiences to define their position. Then there after they use the experiences to generally provide an outline of referencing on their actions taken. Differential association forecasts that a person chooses a criminal path where the benefits of breaking the law exceed those of abiding to it. But this perception can be corrected if the person socially associates himself/herself with people who are active in their life( Barnes and Noble,2013).While growing up these individuals are mostly influenced by those who are well to be in the society as they take on their footsteps. In reality there are situations where there are practical reasons to commit crime for example, if a person is hungry and they do not have money then they are mostly tempted to steal. But mostly the act of crime is motivated by the desire for money and social class. In the movie (A Bronx tale) we can witness a young boy being influenced by a criminal in his life up to the extent where this young boy comes to work in the racket that this criminal has formed. In differential association theory as it explains that one can influence the other its depicted in the movie, where this young boy is advised by his father who tells him that there is ’’nothing is more tragic than a wasted talent’’.Then a street gangster comes and advises him that ’’nobody really cares’’. These two sets of advice seems to be conflicting each other, but surprisingly the boy looks at them and concludes that they make a nice fit (Ebert, 2013). When this boy gets to meet the street gangster it is a perfect situation where the boy witnesses him shoot another guy over a quarrel of supposedly a parking space. After the incident the gangster who is known as sonny and he looks him straight to his eyes and passes the message that do not care like he had told him before. As if that is not enough the gangster sonny offers the fathers boy a job in trying to do something for the boy but his father refuses the offer as he his is working man and he provides for his family and more so he hates mafia. So he doesn’t like their money. (Borriello, P. Bracanto, L.2013). Through this interactions with the gangster sonny the boy who is known as cologero ends up idolizing sonny and sees him as his role model.Cologero tends to like everything that sonny does from how he dresses, the way he enjoys quiet authority and his communication styles. The theory of differential association is again seen when cologero reaches the age of seventeen he goes ahead and becomes an employee of sonny against the wishes of his father. The movie (A Bronx tale) is based on the concept of two guys who love a kid but they have different perspectives in life and they try to advise the kid on how they view their world around them.Cologero in the movie is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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