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Social integration in ghanaian universities: the role of administration leadership - Research Paper Example

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Social Integration in Ghanaian Universities: The Role of Administration Leadership Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Abstract Social integration is an important factor in promoting unity and peace building in any institution. Ghana is a multicultural country with different social backgrounds all across…
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Social integration in ghanaian universities: the role of administration leadership
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Download file to see previous pages The expansion of the education system has made more people access education from any part of the world they are. This has significantly influenced the enrolment in most of the universities all across the world. However, the Ghanaian universities have facilitated social integration of the students coming from diverse social backgrounds into one system. It is not easy for a country with diverse interest to integrate but has to take some efforts in order to ensure there is institutional integration as in the case with Ghanaian universities. The role of administration leadership is very critical in ensuring the success of social integration in the Ghanaian universities. It has ensured collaborated efforts in activities as well as systems, which cater for the different needs of the students coming from divergent backgrounds. This study will be very significant in discussing the role of administrative leadership towards promoting and ensuring social integration in the Ghanaian universities. Ghana has many immigrants from the nearby countries that are at war and the environment is not favorable for university learning. The nation, Ghana, also have immigrants who take part in trade and other international activities. As it stands today, most of the Ghanaian universities composes of students of diverse social, political and economic backgrounds, which in one way or another, requires special considerations and attention (Ayitey, 2012). This study will outline on the role of administrative leadership by outlining some of the factor as put in place in ensuring successful integration of the universities. Introduction Ghana is one of the nations with increased enrolment of students over the years with an estimate of 3 % of the age group of 18-21 involved in the higher education system (Ghana Education Service, 2003). The enrolment in the Ghanaian universities increased tremendously by 162% in the period of 1983-1996 (Thompson & Casely-Hayford, 2008; Swartzman, 2010). Currently, universities of Ghana have an enrolment rate of 11,637 with women comprising 30% of the number (Rolleston & Oketch, 2008; CHET, 2010). The ever-increasing number of enrolments has been facilitated by the social integration of the universities, hence, admitting students from various social backgrounds as per the countries’ vision (Rog, 1995; Chapman et al. 2002). The government and all the stakeholders have played the centre role in ensuring there is rapid development of infrastructures that meets various needs of students from different social backgrounds to enable them feel comfortable in Ghanaian universities (Government of Ghana, 1991; Moe, 2003; Sawyerr, 2004; World Bank, 2002). Although government has experienced some challenges, it has proved to be able to overcome them (Zame, Hope & Repress, 2008; Brown & Conrad, 2007; Zame, Hope & Respress, 2008). The increasing Ghanaian population has caused many students to seek higher education in universities and polytechnic schools to acquire the necessary education in tackling the societal problems (Leu & Price, 2006; Holtta, & Malkki, 2000). The admission to the Ghanaian universities have become competitive more in the field of medicine engineering, pharmacy and other professional that require in-depth learning and structures and remained over time (Oduro, 2008; University Of Sussex, 2013; Opare, 1999; Brock-Utne, 2002). The advancements of technology has made the quality of Ghanaian education to remain high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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