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Surviving Suffering - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Critical Literary Analysis – Krik Krak (1995) Order No. 823113 Name Date Word Count Survival Instincts – Escapism Edwidge Danticat’s ‘Krik Krak’ comprises of a compilation of 6 short stories that focuses on the pain and suffering of the innocent and helpless people of Haiti during the war and how their survival instincts help them to face this agony through ‘Escapism’…
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Surviving Suffering
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Download file to see previous pages ‘Children of the Sea’ by Edwidge Danticat, explains how the two lovers despair with their unfortunate situation and in order to dull the pain, they each escape into a world of their own by writing letters to each other. This form of escapism is consistent right through the story which makes the reader feel and empathize with their grief and suffering. The two lovers are callously torn apart and they lead such battered lives with no one to understand their silent suffering. The male protagonist, being a member of the youth federation who protested against the existing dictator, became the first target of the ruthless army. His escape on a boat is a mere shadow of hope for survival and the possibility of reuniting with his love someday. His escape into the letters he writes to her is his way of ‘escapism’ for freedom and survival. On the other hand, the girl, who is now restrained from going out or listening to her lover’s voice over the radio, looks at the world from a very different perspective. She too battles with the harsh realities of life that stifles her very existence and causes her family so much of distress. Just like her lover, she too makes use of her instincts of escapism and finds a way out of her misery. She escapes with her lover into a dream world of her own, with the hope that one day she would really be in the arms of her lover. The family and the girl escape from Haiti and start their lives anew in a place called Ville Rose, but even so, they are unable to escape the hollow feeling in their hearts. Even though they had escaped a horrific tragedy, yet, nothing ever seems to bring peace to their tortured hearts. On many occasions, a storm brews up within the mind and heart of the male protagonist and he is unable to control his pain and suffering of being separated from the one he loves. He tries hard to reassure himself that such unfortunate circumstances were meant to be. Such reassurance and the feeling of sad remorse are beautifully brought out in the following lines by the author. ‘Perhaps I was chosen from the beginning of time to live there with Agwe’….I know that my memory of you will live even there as I too become a child of the sea.’ (Edwidge Danticat, ) In the above lines, the male protagonist reassures himself by believing that it is the work of nature and God for showing him his destiny by making him dream of mermaids and starfish and a Christian Mass. On analyzing his true feelings, we understand that he has lost all hope of survival, but seems to be driving himself to escape his misery by plunging himself into the sea. Until now, it was his letters to his lover that had kept him alive with a ray of hope, but when he was told to discard his notebook overboard, his life seized to hold any meaning. His misery forced him to conjure up tragic illusions about a fifteen year old pregnant girl who had given birth to a dead baby, but was asked to toss her dead baby into the water for want of a lighter boat. Having done so, she too jumped into the sea because she was unable to face life after that. The protagonist watched the wretchedness around him, but it was his letters that that helped him to escape his misery. He saw the life draining from all those around him and realized that even if he escaped from the wrath of nature and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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