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What Does 30 days Mean to You - Research Paper Example

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According to the calculations of the costs of the life, I can conclude that I am not able to make the ends meet. This is because the amount of the wages that I earn is less than the monthly expenses. According to my calculations I earn about 2,000 US dollars per month. …
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What Does 30 days Mean to You
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Download file to see previous pages The total cost of the budget is $ 7599.50 based on rent, deposit, utilities, car payments, bags and luxuries. The preparation of the program will cover the Medical insurance program with all my medical expenses rather than having me pay for doctor’s visits and dental services. The calculation on the cost of living shows the expenses of an individual in a month in US $. The total of this money is quite a lot hence if the salary or the wages of a person does not approach 10,000 US dollars, the person may not be able to meet all the needs unless funded by the Government or well wishers. The expense of an individual in a month is in US $. On the part of rent, the budget is meant for everyone in the family single parents, elderly, single people, disabled, etc. but unfortunately every year the funds that are set aside for this program are underused. Over 1 million people are on the program but there are about 5.2 million people who are qualified but they haven’t applied yet EITC program. Medical insurance in California’s version of the Medicare program gives families and single adults the chance to get free medical care. The requirements for this program is that you can be 65 or older, blind, disabled, under the age of 21, pregnant, and other economically low situations. The utilities will cost $1200 whereby the cell phone bill will be $ 89. The amount I apply for is $1200 per month which does cover my entire grocery budget, there in no real maximum for each person so I can get $34.78 per month for food. The bugs and luxury good will cost $ 3200and the students will receive $576 for books and equipment for their courses, and an additional $2,592 to pay for tuition. For covering my Entertainment cost, beauty supplies and electronics I choose the Black Panther Party program that gives assistant to poverty eradication (Steinberg, 2010). Part two: Government Assistance Programs The above as earlier stated raises a point of concern on how the life could be for the individuals whose the amount of the wages they earn is below the stated figure. In this case, there should be a way out on how to assist these people and hence it calls for the various programs with the core agenda of assistance (Sharkey, 2009). These programs could be Governmental or non Governmental. Such agencies include; Aid to families with Dependent Children (AFDC) and the Food Stamps amongst others. The duty of these programs is to assist the poor people and other people who cannot meet their daily requirements. The assistance is very necessary because according to the CFED 2012 Opportunity and Assets scorer card, of all the households, 27% are lining the Asset poverty. Apart from the above mentioned programs there is the so called the earned income tax Credit. EITC as abbreviated is basically a credit for the people whose earnings are low-to –moderate income. The credit then allows these people to get money from the Government if only their total tax is less that the total credit that has been earned by them. This by far is viewed has the largest program that eradicate the poverty levels in the United state of America (Patrick, 2009). In California the Black Panther Party is much involved in the poverty eradication. This group has existed since 1966.Its existence has been of much help since many people have benefited through the group’s actions. Part 3 Sociological Concepts Applied This study basically explains the poverty levels in our communities. In the field of Sociology, many concepts are used to define what poverty is because in the general understanding, poverty can not be specifically defined. This is because a person with an account of 10,000 US ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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