Global Climate Change and Pollution from China - Essay Example

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Running Head: Climate Change and Pollution from China Climate Change and Pollution from China Climate Change and Pollution from China Introduction Pollution is the biggest side effect of increased world development and industrialization…
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Global Climate Change and Pollution from China
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Download file to see previous pages Traces of pollution are everywhere trying their best to damage our life in one way or another. In recent times, China has evolved as a greater threat to environmental safety of the world due to becoming the biggest emitter of green house gases. Khan and Yardley in their article, “As China roars, pollution reaches deadly extremes” (2007) have discussed in detail the issue of booming pollution in China. The article has outlined the reason for this pollution, its effect on its immediate environment and to the world at large and the response of people and officials on this increased pollution. Social Forces behind Increased Pollution in China There is no denial to the fact that the increased industrialization is one of the major reasons of the increased pollution in China but there are numerous social forces behind this as well. One of the social reasons for the increased industrialization that has led to increase pollution is the country’s policy to become world economic leader. As China plans and execute its policy to penetrate in every country and establish itself as world leader in production of goods and economy, this policy has resulted in increase in number of industries in the country. This increased industrialization has resulted in increase in production of toxic gases, substances, and industrial waste. Cheap labor rate of China is also a major reason for increased foreign investment in the country because of which Chinese leader argues that the foreign world is a great partner in degrading the country’s environment and the local industrialist and population is not to be blamed only (Khan and Yardley, 2007). Another social force behind increased pollution in China is government stance toward it. Though the government accepts that they have a major environment health issue in their country and conveys plan to deal with this disaster but these plans are rarely implemented. The Chinese government does not wish to uphold a healthy pollution free environment at the expense of the country’s economic growth. The official believes that economic growth provides its nationals with prosperity and they do not wish to sacrifice that prosperity, as it will result in chaos and political unrest in the country (Khan and Yardley, 2007). Non-concern for environmental laws, corruption, and refusal to accept the need for change methods of developments and industrialization are also major social reasons for increased pollution in China (Khan and Yardley, 2007). Fear of Chinese Leaders Regarding Environmental Protection Most of Chinese leadership is fearful of implementing environmental protection over economic growth and do not wish to do that. This is because the positive effects of economic development policy are very evident to the public but the efforts of healthier environment often go unnoticed by the public, as they are non-monetary benefits. Furthermore, the country has become habitual to fast paced development under its authoritarian style and the leader fear that compromise on the pace of development will result in political unrest in the country and would initiate demand for political change (Khan and Yardley, 2007). The leaders due to their own selfish reason of enjoying power to the maximum limit and time are fearful of implementing environmental protection above economic growth. They believe that economic prosperity, betterment forestalls the demand for political change in the country, and so they are using this economic developm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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