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The research project encompasses varied aspects including ways through which online dating is an effective or legitimate approach of finding a romantic partner. It examines the way increased use of online websites and social networking sites such as Facebook and many others have led to serious cybercrimes. …
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Online dating
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Download file to see previous pages Online dating has tremendously increased over the past decades due to increased technological advancement. The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype and many other social networking sites have made communication easier; thus facilitating online dating. There are popular dating websites and most of them offer free dating with profile search and messaging. The research study indicates that over the past decades, over 40 million unique visitors in the United States utilize online dating websites and more than 7 million online dating users have met face-to-face by their online partners. Technology advancement has changed the lifestyles of many people in the society because it has made communication easier; thus, couples are nowadays able to find their soul mates through use of social media services. It has become a popular and significant strategy of finding or searching for a romantic partner. However, although online dating has turned into a significant strategy for finding romantic soul mates, it has become a serious cybercrime. Thus, the research project attempt to explore the extent to which online dating has become common, how is it a legitimate approach of meeting soul mates or romantic partners and the risks it poses to the users.
Study Objectives
• The research study aims to reveal the extent to which online dating has become common and significant strategy for finding a romantic partner.
• To find out how online dating is a legitimate approach of finding the soul mate or a romantic partner.
• To examine the extent to which online dating has become common and the age group of people who mostly utilize it in the current society. To find out the risks that social networking or websites used for online dating pose to the users. Significance of the Study The research study is significant because it raises awareness on the risks that online dating poses to the users. It educates the society on the significant of online dating, but cautions them on the way it may lead to varied consequences too; thus encouraging the online user to make wise decision before accepting any friend request from strangers. Therefore, it is significant because it will educate the mass on the need to significant decision when utilizing computer-based technologies for online dating; thus avoid any negative impact that may arise. LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter will utilize varied literature sources in order to examine the way previous researchers have examined the issue of online dating. Online dating have recently become a field of concern for many researchers. Valkenburg and Jochen (849) argue that online dating has become a fundamental strategy for finding romantic partners. Online dating has tremendously increased for the past two years because it offers an opportunity for forming and maintaining relationships through the Internet. Alan (18) also argues that online dating services offer users a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional methods of dating. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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