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Changing families in a changing world - Research Paper Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: A Critical Analysis of Divorce as a Social Problem from the Conflict Theory Perspective Changing family is one of the most notable sociological syndromes of modern world. In the age of globalization, the family system has been undergone a lot of transformations in order to adapt itself with the modernity-induced changes such as those in labor-system, the rise of the individualism, increasing interaction between race, sexes etc…
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Changing families in a changing world
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, different family systems are supposed to be a melting pot which seems to produce a new array of changed family systems. These changes on the family-system have both positive and negative impacts. The changes are mostly visible in structural and functional aspects of a family. Increasing divorces rate, single-parent family, changes in parenting and family care, changes, reproduction patterns, postponement of marriage and parenthood, etc are supposed to be some of the effects of changes in the family system. In this paper, we will primarily focus on the phenomenon of divorce as a modernity-induced social problem. Subsequently, we will attempt to prove that raising awareness about the harmful impact of divorce on the children and enhancement of understanding between husband and wife can reduce the rate of divorce in modern society. The social problem of divorce, one of the common syndromes of changing family system in modern world, can effectively be explained according to the social conflict theory. In this regard, Kakepoto comments, “Conflict theory is another important sociological perspective on social change. The theories that put emphasis on conflict have roots in the ideas of Karl Marx, the great German theorist and political activist.” (3) According to this theory, human society is divided and subdivided into different interest groups, communities and clusters of units, which are colliding and conflicting with each other in order to form a newer and more tolerable balance-relation among them. In the context of modernity, the rise of the individual is essentially induced by the increasing role of human being in the field of labor. During the industrial revolution in European continent and America, women increasingly became involved with outdoor earning activities in an industrial environment. Women began to have their says in family affairs and to influence decisions such as taking children, number of children, expenditure issues, divorce and many others. As a result, women began to be in conflict with their male counterparts in families as well as in the society. Social conflict theory essentially assumes that inequality and conflict generate changes in order to create a new balance among the individuals, groups, classes or communities, as Kakepoto says, “According to this view social change is the result of social movements. Society always remains in tension where different parts try to overlap with each other.” (7) If viewed from this perspective of conflict, inequality between male and female and injustice in the patriarchal structure of the institution of family provoked working class women to be more freedom-loving and challenging to the superiority of their male-counterparts. Consequently, though divorce rate in the middle age was comparatively low in various communities and societies of the world, it began to raise high during the industrial revolution and reached the peak especially after the Second World War. Other subsidiary changes also occurred in the basic structure of a family system. For example, childrearing, doing household chores, etc were no more feminine activities, whereas outdoor-earning activities were, no more, something ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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