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Analysis and Critique - Research Paper Example

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RESEARCH ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUE Name: Institution: Date: I. Introduction The topic to be explored is effective provision of counseling services to the homeless adolescents. The significance of the study topic lies as a result of the seriousness of the homelessness problem…
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Research Analysis and Critique
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, homeless youths face high risks of sexual exploitation, physical abuse, substance abuse, mental health disabilities, and even death. Studies have revealed that over five thousand unaccompanied youths die every year as a result of illness, assault or suicide (Thompson et al., 2013). Statistics obtained from the National Runaway Switchboard indicates that the existing recession has contributed to an increase in runaway and homeless youths (“Understanding the Health Care Needs of Homeless Youth,” 2012). Between the years 2005 and 2008, there was a two hundred percent increase in calls coming from the youths citing economic reasons for running away from their homes. A survey conducted in 2008 in school districts revealed that there was an upsurge of homeless students. It is worth noting that the exact number of homeless students is difficult to determine since there is no standard methodology to monitor mobility of the homeless people. Additionally, studies have revealed that youths between ages twelve and seven are at a high risk of becoming homeless compared to adults (“Understanding the Health Care Needs of Homeless Youth,” 2012). Homeless youths who do not receive counseling services often perform dismally in school. Additionally, it is reported that they have high grade retention and school mobility. All these make it difficult for the adolescents to concentrate on the school work and perform exemplary in their respective academic disciplines (Slesnick, Kang, Bonomi, & Prestopnik, 2008). It is a fact that stability is an essential facet for a healthy emotional and physical development and for children. Therefore, moves irrespective of the reasons that disrupt the day-to-day routines of adolescents require lots of adjustments to make them cope (Slesnick, Prestopnik, Meyers, & Glassman, 2007). Several studies carried on students who move from one place to another have revealed stressful transitions on the part of students even in instances where the move was planned. In this regard, homeless children face sudden, unexpected and traumatic experiences as they try to come to terms with their condition. It is a key life event since it involves loss of friends, belongings, community, schools, support systems, community, just to mention but a few (Tyler, Gervais, & Davidson, 2012). The main purpose of this review is to critically analyze and review various empirical studies previously conducted on homeless adolescents. Additionally, the review will also examine the main conceptual studies that give useful models or guidelines for evaluating the importance of offering counseling services to the homeless. The main question that gives direction to this paper is: “What is the current best evidence regarding the effectiveness of providing counseling services to the homeless adolescents?” II. Methods There are numerous terms of precarious importance that were used during the study. These terms are known as ‘key terms’ since they played significance roles in making it easy for understanding the context of the research area. One of these terms is homelessness; which refers to the condition of lacking a regular dwelling place. Another key term is counseling services which refer to all the compassionate activities aimed at improving the wellbeing of an individual by facilitating his or her intellectual, interpersonal and emotional development. In order to obtain all the articles that would provide the best information available to study the topic; an assortment of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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