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Parental alienation syndrome - Research Paper Example

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Parental Alienation Syndrome Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Parental Alienation Syndrome Parental Alienation Syndrome is not a new experience, since it has been in practices during occurrences of conflicts in marital relationships (Lowenstein, 1999)…
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Parental alienation syndrome
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Download file to see previous pages Parental Alienation syndrome is not likely to occur among harmonious family relationships. On the other hand, parents engender love for their offspring due to their happiness; in fact, this encourages their children to consider other parents favorably. Therefore, this love helps parents to cooperate in order to nature their children in a socialized standards and behaviors. Furthermore, this relationship leads to increased advantages for the children due to the feeling of having a secured base attributed to love from their parents (Baker, 2007). However, who are brought up with disharmony has increased chance of being involved in PAS. In this case, parents are expected to facilitate a good relationship with their children and other partners. Problems are also likely to occur between parents living a normal life, though the relationship attributed to this couple has an element of feeling responsible to one another. In fact, this responsibility is manifested through a commitment that creates union and endurance for their children in a positive way (Lowenstein, 1999). However, PAS cannot be regarded as an inevitable outcome of lacking endurance. Numerous relationships have chances of failing, and this has become a common tragedy. Nevertheless, in a situation when PAS occurs among responsible parent, they are expected to consider their role as good parents to be of substantial need to their children. In fact, they are expected to encourage one another in guiding and caring for their children. In a situation when a relationship is faced by PAS, the parents are expected to depict the perception of love towards their children, even though they do not feel the same for one another. In addition, this relates to making particular parents to appear good to their children and eliminate chances of creating a bad impression. Therefore, this is a crucial strategy, which can be applied in eliminating chances of PAS. Parents are expected to acknowledge the significance of principles associated with the division among their parents leading to a reduction of commitment and love for their children (Baker, 2007). PAS emanates from a relationship attributed with conflicts and this causes a need for control by the alienators in the process of bringing up their children, after their separation. Nevertheless, it has been noted that these behaviors are evident with female partners though this observation is not exclusive. Therefore, it leads to a need for retaliating against targeted ex- partner, though not a rejecter of their bond. Other factors entail alienator’s experiences during their early childhood, whereby there are chances they may have suffered from alienation by their parents. Positive contact with children, which is derived from former partners, is applied as a weapon to cause suffering. In other instances, there are many accusations laid by alienators to one another, whereby they accuse another of unfairness (Baker & Darnall, 2006). Other accusation includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse perpetrated against their children or spouses. Therefore, this leads to involvement of other parties such as social workers and police and these results to alienated parents being humiliated. Alienated partners seeking contact with their children tend to submit in the struggle. Moreover, the alienating parents use this chance against the other partners, whereby they seek to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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