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Power of Gangs - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Power and Gangs Instructor Power and Gangs Studies show that power and gang theories are as a result of social disorganisation in the zone of transition. Gangs emerge as a result of innocent play groups that came into conflict over space that is crowded and physically deteriorated areas of inner state…
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Power of Gangs
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Download file to see previous pages Study shows that gangs who sale drugs are commited by youths.The writer says that exception in drugs involvement ,youth crimes usually come from poor background,unstable family living conditions,the availability of drugs and alcohol.Although violence might have been the characteristic of some early gang ,whereas the gang were the focus of early sociological research may have fought over it killing their own gang.Violent nature gangs ,legislation and policies have developed ,while school administrators have taken measures to decrease gang activities such as;extra security officer and detector utilized.There’s evidence that the family may influence children to engage in deliquent behaviour at variuos times in their development and it may be necessary to analyze the relationship between a broken home and bad behaviour many times.Research shows that ,criminal justice official react to individual problems on the basis of family structure (Delany, 2005). Social structure shows that when one has the power over each and everything, based on marxism theory of tradition, power control theory is that authority within the work place affects power within the family structure. This power relationship between parents affects the way they socialise with the daughter and son. Parents possess the capability to influence gender difference in both perceived risk to sanction and risk preference that get translated to gender difference in delinquency. According to Hagan theory, power control emphasise more on class structure of the family plays as a importance role in describing the communal dispersal of delinquent conducts via the social production of sex relation. Gender is crucial in explaining delinquency because mostly reported acts committed by gangs (Delany, 2005). Class is not necessary as many theorist has claimed class and gender get analyzed in the same study. The family power gets emphasized by the wife who stands outside employment, as well as a husband, has the power with his resources through work.working Class men have the habit of thinking that the work of a wife stands as making certain that the household and that everything else is in proper order. Some study shows that power control variable explains gender difference among adolescent in use of alcohol and tobacco. However, that does not hold them as victims because it shows peer pressure (Delany, 2005). Conflict may exist between cultures, between sub cultures within cultures and groups. Sociologist analyzed conflict among norms, the way one act in some situations and they conduct norms defined according to groups they belong. The problems arise when two groups come into conflict stands unavoidable. The meaning of having power and ability to secure compliance from an unwillingness person being explored by sociologist.Marxist emphasised that sociiety is organised into weak and powerful groups dictating the norms and proper for all establishing sanctions imposed by norms are violated.Its understood that,structural conditions and social class inequality affect gang behavioural response to crime simply because its a social and economic condition rather than characteristic of gang crimes (Delany, 2005). Crimes emphasise violation of human rights on ground of racism and sexism and eeplotive working conditions working conditions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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