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Social Issue: Homelessness - Research Paper Example

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This essay focuses on the social issue: homelessness. This paper analyses the case, the city of New York and discusses homelessness in a new light; that is, instances, where people chose to be homeless because the solution available to people is not better than being homeless than being homeless…
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Social Issue: Homelessness
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Extract of sample "Social Issue: Homelessness"

Download file to see previous pages  New York may pride itself as one of the wealthiest city in the world where the average income of its residents is one of the highest in the United States and even in the world (Davies). But at one time, its residents were driven to poverty and became homeless. This was the time during the Great Recession where people lost their jobs and consequently, lost their homes that they became dependent on government welfare. Even after the Great Recession, there were still poor people in New York that cannot afford to buy homes and remained homeless. The city government of New York, of course, responded by providing its poor citizens' shelter (note I did not use home or house) as the welfare benefit. This could have been a good solution because the government was already providing shelters for free where the poor citizens of New York do can live even if they have no money. Yet, many left the government facilities and chose to be in the streets and became homeless. ...
Abuses in city-run facilities were described as; “City-run shelters-though they provide food and respite from the elements-are dangerous and unfriendly places that impose a dehumanizing, even prisonlike, regimentation on residents. Guards routinely treat clients as inmates, allegedly denying them food for the violation of rules. Some shelter residents are abused from place to place for food, showers, and sleep. Charges of violence by shelter security guards and clients are common” (Lurie and Wodiczko 54). III. Identify and discuss the consequence of the social problem As a consequence, the poor people of New York became homeless again but this time, of their own choice. Not because they were foolish not to accept government help through welfare shelters, it is just that government run facilities are abusive and volatile of human dignity that being in the street is better. In effect, the city dwellers or poor citizens of New York became “exiles in their own city” because they left the centers which were supposed to take care of them. Instead, they created their own makeshift shelters through “gaily decorated carts” (Lurie and Wodiczko 54) as an alternative to home and also means of transport rather than stay in the established facility of the city due to the harsh condition imposed to them by the institution that made it a penitentiary. They preferred to get by through the uncertainty of scavenging than putt up with city-run shelters where foods are used as a carrot stick.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Issue: Homelessness Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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