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Social Problem - Research Paper Example

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Subject Insert Customer Name Insert Course Name Insert Tutor Name 15 January 2013 Social Problem in the Canadian Health Care System Introduction Canadian healthcare system is a socialized form of medication that majorly assures all Canadians of access to medication…
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Social Problem
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Download file to see previous pages However, this does not mean it has been smooth all through. The system has had several social problems that make it a work in progress. The problems range from micro to macro in historical, political, as well as political context. This research paper will seek to discuss the social problems with the provision of treatment and access to health care services in Canada in relation to the long waiting time in non-urgent health care. Micro to macro social problems in historical context The article titled ‘Mediscare’ that appeared in Mother Jones Magazine in 1991 exhibits historical social problem of access to treatment in the Canadian health care system. The interview between the editor and Canadian doctors, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Rachlis reveal that health care remains costly due to the problem of accessibility and treatment. This viewpoint was based on the historical health insurance that covered very little health care cost thus making Canadians to pay the rest of the price when seeking health care services. For them who could not afford to pay the rest of the price, health care has remained inaccessible to them to date. According to a study conducted by Evans, Barer and Marmor (1994), an insight became provided into the discussion between Hygieia and Asclepios on the well lived life and the external intervention. Their study employed the use of scientific research for a historical context. This facilitated the health care system to become the conventional drive for the conversion of knowledge into the improvement of health care. The findings contributed to the intellectual, resources and policy aspects as well as social expectations of Canadians in the health care system. However, this further created social problems on the justification of the level of efforts employed in implementation of the findings. Evidence shows that no social relationships were formed in the formulation of health care policies. The provision of health care services, thus, does not provide the required comfort to those seeking the services. In addition, the use of waiting lists for certain health services like bypass surgery and open heart surgery has been in practice since historical Canadian Health Care systems. This was viewed as causing excessive waiting time thereby affecting access and treatment in health care systems. These issues have continued to exist to the present day in Canada hence creating a macro social problem in the health care system (Mother Jones Magazine, 1991). Micro to macro social problems in economic context According to Roche (1996), 70% of healthcare expenses in Canada are funded through public funds while the rest is covered by sources like insurance premiums and cash payment at the service centre by the patients. However, these funds are not well managed since over forty percent of the entire provincial health care budget is spent on its hospitals rather than prevention care, programs on health promotion, and community based health care facilities (Mother Jones Magazine, 1991). Such disparities in planning create macro social problems by making Canadian health care system to remain expensive especially to low income earners who have to dig dipper into their pockets to access treatment. This in return makes accessibility to health care services difficult for such a group. Despite the amount of financial support directed towards health care insurance in Canada, tension continues to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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