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Priorities for A more Sustainable World - Term Paper Example

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A sustainable world is one that meets the present needs without in any way compromising the future generation ability to meet their needs. In this case, more concern will be on children’s sustainable world. …
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Priorities for A more Sustainable World
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Download file to see previous pages For my children, satisfying their human needs as well as aspirations is among my main priorities in achieving a sustainable world for them. In most cases, the essential needs of most children is shelter, food, and clothing which are rarely met and beyond the children basic needs, they have lawful legitimate aspirations to have an improved life quality. A world where inequality and poverty have become an epidemic will often result in ecological crisis. In order to achieve a sustainable world for the children, my priority will be to meet their basic needs and extend all the available opportunities in an effort to meet their aspirations to have a better life. The children living standards are far beyond just the basic minimum and in order to have a sustainable world for them, their consumption standards have to be in such away that they are sustainable and will last for the longest time possible. Some of the perceived needs for the children are determined culturally and socially thus in order to have a sustainable world for them, I have to promote the values that will encourage consumption standards which fall within the ecological possible bound and which all of them seam reasonably aspiring
(Atkinson 345). In order have a world that experiences a full growth potential that will sustain both the present children and those who will come in future, economic growth has to be developed in areas where children needs have not been met. Economic growth involves a growth that will reflect broad sustainability principles but doesn’t exploit the other children. This implies that growth alone is not enough as high productivity levels and poverty that is wide spread can as well coexist but this will in the long run endanger the children’s environment. Such a situation challenges me to meet the children needs through increasing production potential as well as ensuring there exists equitable opportunities for all the children. An increase in the number of children leads to an increased pressure on the limited resources and the situation looks to get worse in future. Such numbers will also slow down the living standards in regions where deprivation has widely spread. The main concern in this situation is not just the size of children population but resources distribution. In order to have a sustainable world in such a situation, demographic developments have to be harmonized with the fluctuating production potential within the ecosystem (McGranaham 82). Most societies compromise their potential to meet the important needs of its children especially in future through overexploiting resources. Technological developments have been observed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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