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Children in the Foster system - Research Paper Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Children in the Foster System Introduction Foster care guarantees that children are shielded from immediate physical harm occasioned by three main causes, which include physical abuse, neglect, and drug usage/abuse. The primary goal of foster care is to guarantee safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children…
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Children in the Foster system
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Download file to see previous pages Child protection agencies can be regarded as undertaking trade off between two competing goals; child protection and family preservation. Although a violent family environment is undoubtedly detrimental to child development, removing a child from home may be equally traumatic (Besharov 315-376). Discussion Individuals who root for “three strikes and you are out” policy assert that the policy is an effective way of combating the ever increasing and pervasive problem of child abuse or neglect in the society. The proponents of the policy assert that adopting the hard-line policy may discourage child neglect or abuse. The proponents also stipulate that the consistent employment of consequences will be essential for effective prevention. Such a child protection policy can avail a safe and positive child protection environment in three ways. First, the policy can act as a guideline as to how to address cases of child abuse or neglect and deter the child abuse from getting out of hand; secondly, the policy will avail the victim protection from abuse or neglect. Thirdly, the policy can communicate to caregivers that the society/government cares about the safety and rights of children (Besharov 315-376). ...
The chances of the child receiving such modelling dim when placed in foster care; hence, the implementation of such policy will constrain, rather than broaden the opportunities of the child gaining such an environment. Every year in the U.S., about 2 million children are investigated for child abuse or neglect, about which roughly a half is deemed to have been abused. Recent studies conducted on the same are not encouraging, if anything, the studies point out that trend is on the upswing, not in decline. “Three strikes and you are out” policy lack the capacity to address this part of the cycle. Most authors correctly assert that “zero tolerance can liken zero thinking.” The Policy manifests several flaws, just as across-the-board rules, the policy leaves little or no choice of application (little or no leeway to move or make decisions). “Get tough” measures such as “three skies and you are out policy will undoubtedly not deter potential child abusers. Most parents who neglect or abuse their children fail to weigh up the consequences of their actions on a cost-benefit analysis (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 10). Even though, no one can dispute the requirement for foster care, it would be defeating to endorse “the three-strikes-and-you're-out policy” as a solution to the problem of child abuse. Such a policy fails in proportionality principle, is counterproductive and would create fear and deter some children from reporting incidences of abuse or neglect (Schichor and Sechrest 130-141). There is no assurance that parents reprimanded under the policy would continue to commit extra crimes. Research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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