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Canadian Social Issue Poverty In Immigrant Community - Research Paper Example

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This paper example "Canadian Social Issue Poverty In Immigrant Community" will investigate the issue of poverty in Toronto immigrant community and the most effect group, as well as the social, cultural, political and economic forces leading to the social issue. …
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Canadian Social Issue Poverty In Immigrant Community
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Extract of sample "Canadian Social Issue Poverty In Immigrant Community"

Download file to see previous pages If one truly thinks of poverty, he must acknowledge the fact that poverty and race are inseparable social conditions. The emergency of Canadian poverty during the 1990s increased the possibility that Canadian immigrants, and mostly those of certain racial backgrounds, may disproportionally fall victims of the condition. This concern was mostly unique to groups of immigrant populations as well as other minority groups affected by poverty in Canada. The most affected groups among the immigrant population include the aging population, children, women, single parents and disabled. Surprisingly, research reveals that little attention, by government, media and advocacy groups, is given to address the poverty challenge among the immigrant community, (Lochhead & Canadian Labour, 2003).
Among the immigrant communities, women and children suffer the highest level of poverty. Immigrant workers are found in employment opportunities and workplaces with poor, working environments, worst wages and depressing workstations. Similarly, most of the few available jobs for immigrants are temporary and increasingly insecure, and various labor laws hardly apply to these opportunities. This enhances the likelihood of unsecure and poor, working environments, low wages and poverty among immigrants. Temporary immigrant employees are unable to create labour unions to raise their labor cwhallenges and issues because of disunity and short employment periods.
Immigrants’ communities are excessively affected by poverty.
ary immigrant employees are unable to create labour unions to raise their labor challenges and issues because of disunity and short employment periods. Immigrants’ communities are excessively affected by poverty and one in every five immigrant live, in poverty. Most of their living conditions are poor, substandard and overcrowded compared to Canadian citizen residences or communities. Programs and services funding are capped and low, and this heightens immigrants’ community poverty levels, (Picot & Statistics Canada, 2004). Similarly, social facilities and amenities such as churches, houses, hospitals, schools and recreational centers are underdeveloped and poor, and most people have limited access to insurance and quality services The issue is also complex because of the fact that, increasing rates of national poverty among immigrant community may combine with some racial and ethnic attributes of immigrants and create complex intractable and distinct conditions. The rates of poverty among Canadian immigrant communities, mostly recent marginalized immigrant community, are extensively high - over fifty percent of certain groups, including recent black, immigrant communities are living in poverty. The primary factors contributing to poverty involve obstacles to equal participation in employment opportunities and unequal or inadequate access to permanent, white color, skilled and well-paying opportunities. Racism is also a crucial contributing factor to the poverty rate among immigrants, (Fluery & Canada, 2007). The increase in number of precarious employment opportunities and the reductions to social programs in Canada have resulted in increased rates of poverty and extensive, long-term poverty for various susceptible Canadian groups. Moreover, current marginalized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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