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Student Athletes influence on capitalism - Research Paper Example

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(Name) (Institution) (Tutor) (Date) Student’s Athletes Influence on Capitalism INTRODUCTION Student athletes are scholars who are admitted to learning institution basing on their sporting prowess. This is contrary to the admission rules of colleges and other higher learning institutions that require one to qualify in order to gain admission to the college…
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Student Athletes influence on capitalism
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Download file to see previous pages The subculture way of life is true to its original setup and has more freedom in undertaking any activity. The Theory of subculture tries to define subculture as a way that proposes that those living in the urban settings are able to find ways of creating a sense of belonging to the community despite the prevailing alienation and anonymity. The acquisition of status within the subculture entitled that one had to be exclude from the rest of the society and the group responded to it by showing hostile reception to other outsiders. The subculture became so substantive, distinctive and showed independence. The members solely depended on others for social contact and validation of their beliefs and way of life thus in the process have tried to eliminate the issue of disparities in the social status. The culture of capitalism is involved in the shaping up of societal behavior. This later gives people the right to identify themselves with a certain faction of people (Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars 200). This is deep rooted because of the values attached to money tend to dictate the association of people in the society. To ascertain their incorporation in society they have involvement the media and commerce related activities. METHOD The subcultures have a defined way of doing things with a certain affiliation to a particular group creating lots of social division and conflicts especially to the youth and teenagers. Identified with specific and peculiar ways of life, most of the students identify themselves with the subculture groups of their choice. This is a close way of creating a bonding between the affiliates of that subculture. Whilst the subculture discourages individualism the main stream culture continue to fan this ethical animosity. The mainstream culture is about trying to achieve the status quo and control of power in the society. It leads to people being engraved in doing things that will satisfy their ego. A pattern of doing something is dictated by the a certain group and if you want to be associated with the group following what it does is bound to underline the status quo and bring out a sense of identity to the individual. When the person does not conform to the cultures of the mainstream is considered as an outcast and a sell out. The involvement of a person in the mainstream culture needs one to be repacked that he or she fits in the status quo. SUBCULTURE The indicators of subculture are identity, commitment, autonomy and consistent distinctiveness. The influence of student athletes has led to the formation of subcultures in the schools and colleges. Just like the players formed subcultures among themselves because some of them receive full scholarships but do not perform according to expectations of the team. Those that have no scholarships in the process gang up against those the student athletes citing their little contribution to the team while the student athletes seclude them as they feel they are superior. This in the end will have a detrimental effect on the overall performance of teams. In addition there is contrast of opinions regarding the payment of the student athletes with less regard to the regular students. To cap their outstanding performance they receive many other benefits that other regular students can not be accessed of. The college sport departments fan this wide gap between the regular stude ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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