Literature review of pornography and correlation of aggressive effects on men - Research Paper Example

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Pornography and Correlation of Aggressive Effects on Men Name Institution Pornography and correlation of aggressive effects on men Introduction The level of pornography consumption has increased since the introduction of the digital technology. Pornography is anything that displays or describes people’s body or the sexual acts in ways that arouse sexual feelings…
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Literature review of pornography and correlation of aggressive effects on men
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Download file to see previous pages Several researchers also think that there is no relationship between sexual aggression and erotic materials (Sparks, 2010). Pornography and correlation of aggressive effects on men Bernstein, Penner, Clarke-Stewart and Roy (2007) assert that men who watch pornography are more likely to commit rape and other forms of violence towards women. In the researchers’ experiment, the male participants in a room were asked to administer an electric shock every time the person in another room made a mistake. The individual in the other room was an employee who was also a subject in the experiment. The intensity of the shock could be varied. Concurrently, the amount of shock represented the amount of violence. There was no shock, but the subjects in the experiment believed that the shock was real. Before the experiment, some men in the experiment watched a film highlighting several men raped a woman. The study outcome showed that men who watched the film administered more shock than those who did not watch it (Berstein et al., 2007). The researchers concluded that pornography increases resentment especially towards women. The researchers also discovered that aggressive pornography affects men differently. For instance, very promiscuous and hostile men are more affected compared to men who are not hostile towards women (Berstein et al., 2007). According to Davis, Norris, George, Martell and Heiman (2006), pornography enhances sexual aggression. The researchers came to this conclusion after evaluating various variables like the attitudes that increase sexual aggression (rape and the actual aggression behavior). The researchers proved that exposure to pornography especially the violent ones and alcohol increases hostility. This is because these materials increase men’s attraction to sexual aggression, which in turn increases their probability of practicing rape. The researchers identified sexual arousal as a major factor that increases the aggression. The increase in sexual arousal is one of the causes of the increase in rape cases, in many countries. Regular exposure to rape films increases the sexual arousal that encourages rape. The researchers also compared men with sexual behaviors with other men. They discovered that rapists have higher sexual arousal compared to other men. This is due to increased sexual stimuli that motivate the aggressiveness (Davis et al., 2006). Several men who are addicted to pornography deny that it affects them negatively. However, according to MacKinnon (1989), pornography has some connection with sexual aggressiveness. She suggests that excessive exposure makes it difficult or impossible for men to know when sex is forced or when they are raping. According to the study, pornography works by making men especially the youths to think that sexism is ‘cool’ in the contemporary society. This is because persons enjoy, practice, and learn sexism through the process. MacKinnon (1989) believes that the male supremacy spreads and is made real through pornography. Several men have been hostile and aggressive to women; however, they choose to be silent because they are typically uncomfortable talking about it. This current increase in rape cases is contributed by the increase of pornography in the current society. Several people do not believe this because the effects of exposure to pornography are not immediate. Additionally, it does not affect men in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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