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Report - This paper must have a bibliography indicating research and be composed of 5 double spaced, 12 point typed pages - Book Report/Review Example

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[Name of of Instructor] Guns, Germs and Steel Book Report This report provides analysis of the book Guns, Germs and Steel, which has been written by Jared Diamond. W.W. Norton & Company based in New York published this book in 1996…
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Book Report - This paper must have a bibliography indicating research and be composed of 5 double spaced, 12 point typed pages
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Download file to see previous pages He has not considered racial differences among the people; instead, he focused on addressing different issues. Many books of Jared William cover racism and Eurocentric thoughts, as they are not correct according to him. This book is very informative for readers because the author has described a different development related to human beings from ancient times to the modern period. Another important reason why this book is vital for readers is that it has highlighted different cultures and impact of various factors on these cultures all over the globe. The book seems more interesting as it contains a history of food production and effects of this production on human beings. The author has done a good job by illustrating the social transformation of human beings during different eras. From governance to food, the author has been able to explain different elements of culture and their impact on human beings living in different regions of the world. In the first three chapters of the book, Diamond talked about the journey of human beings during millions of years from Africa to Euro Asia. The technological and innovative changes in humans by the change of time, their migrations, and their living styles have been discussed comprehensively in these chapters. From chapter’s five to eight, the author illustrates the agricultural changes in human beings by the developments in food production. In the earliest times, human beings hunted to gather food, but with the passage of time when awareness increased and lifestyles changed, human beings started to use different animals and plants. The author describes the advantages and disadvantages of these developments by use of plants and animals in further chapters. In chapters ten and eleven, the author reports the transfer of infections in human beings from farm animals causing different diseases in humans. In chapter twelve, author talks about the importance of literacy in human beings by stating that people in ancient times never knew how to write and read, as they were illiterate. He describes the origination of writing by alphabetic, logographic systems and syllabus systems in the modern times that helped human beings to study, read and write. In chapter thirteen, the author tells about the need of inventions and technology because as time passed by, humans needed a setup and innovative ways to cope up with modern lifestyles. In the middle of the book, Diamond describes different governments and religions in different parts of the world. He enlightens different cultures that are prevailing in the world and explains that people have different languages and the way of living that make them distinctive and separate from others as the culture is responsible for influencing people’s standard of living. Jared Diamond wrote this book to emphasize the controversial points of scientists who gave arguments that were not in favor of the thesis written by the author. Diamond examines the history for millions of years by discussing human evolution from their ancestors to the modern age. Diamond’s evolutionary study follows human beings through a definite representative of different cultures. Diamond describes the breakage of ancestors in Africa who existed 7 million years ago and accounts of the human ancestors who walked to Europe and Asia from Africa approximately 1 or 2 million years ago. During the period of 100,000, to 500,000 years ago, many modern Homo sapiens came into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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