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Corrections and Trend Evaluation - Research Paper Example

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Corrections and trend evaluation Introduction In this paper, the proponent tries to evaluate past, present, and future trends pertaining to the development and operation of institutional and community-based corrections. Integral components of such evaluation include identification and analysis of current and future issues facing prisons and prison administrators today and the role or issue of alternate correction systems as a developing trend…
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Corrections and Trend Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, the only thing set at the minds of the people is the thought that in order to serve the justice right, punishment or retribution are the only effective means to ensure that justice comes to those who needs it. This kind of thinking dominates in the society today leading to less attention on the actual needs and rights of incarcerated law offenders. In fact, the rights of prisoners under custodial environment come into regulation for safety purposes (Waller, 2009). However, due to felony convictions, some basic rights excluding the freedom of expression and religion, the law for instance does not freely permit prisoners the right to vote. Instead, there is more concern on prison security and ease of operation. In this regard, Waller pointed out that this is just a significant impact of how people excessively give governmental power just to emancipate punishment on criminal acts. This as a result allowed capital punishment for emancipation such as the death penalty. With death penalty, according to Waller, reform would be impossible; this is due to the point that society has a strong stand that only killing one’s life guilty of a remarkable crime against the people would serve the justice right. Another important justification for death penalty as pointed out by Waller would be the belief that it would deter murderer to commit further any murder in the future. In this regard, death penalty should receive more sound treatment in order to address the basic rights of the accused, while equally serving justice for all. This significantly addresses the utilitarian principle which always adheres to the greatest good for the greatest number of people. This is to maximize common gain for all, such as maximizing happiness. This would give a significant voice to the majority. However, up to what extent do the majority has right over the minority is another significant point of interest with regards to this concern. In other words, it is always important to consider the basic rights of everyone and the role of law is to ensure justice is fairly experienced by all. Furthermore, according to Victor (2010), based on the “lock ‘em up” theory, more inmates are most likely to grow old in prison. Considering that correction is a social responsibility of the government, it is also necessary to address increased costs and arrest and sentences associated with it. After all, corrections in the US have become highly associated with increased costs, arrest and sentences for a long period of time including at present (Victor, 2010). Not only that, Victor added that overcrowding in prisons has direct impact on soaring correction costs. This eventually happened because according to Victor’s argument, people have this belief that it would be better to lock up offenders in jail than worry on their treatment while they are in prison. This eventually is just one of the reasons according to Victor why there is a significant failure when it comes to consideration of community-based corrections. Other important reason would be the inability of incentives for rehabilitation programs. In fact, Victor presented that only about 9 percent of prisoners in need of drug treatment for instance could usually avail ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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