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Human Service Policy - Term Paper Example

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Human Service Policy Time is the crucial factor that brings in major changes in a system. If welfare system is discussed in this regard, time limits are intended to reduce long-term dependence with a presumption that families remain on assistance for generation after generation (Crowell, 2001, p…
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Human Service Policy
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Download file to see previous pages Will the present welfare reform be more effective in relation to the previous programs? Especially when taking into consideration the work component or plans to intervene in the job market by providing opportunities for persons who were unable to find a steady employment? By eliminating the entitlements and concentrating on employment opportunities, presuming that there are sufficient jobs available. In addition to this, welfare departments of the state are also developing and trying to accommodate by implementing welfare reform plans. Therefore, there are greater chances for the recipients in prospective fields. The theory of time limits is applicable to all families regardless of their usage patterns. This ‘one size fits all’ policy doesn’t take into consideration the diversity of the welfare population, especially indicative to those who leave the system quickly and never return and also those who use it when there is a crisis temporarily. This is indicative of those who use it between low-paying jobs and those who do not have inner strength to become self- supporting. These major changes in policy also eliminate the concept of entitlements, and focuses on employment that presupposes that there are enough jobs for able-bodied recipients (Crowell, 2001, p. 159). In the time span of nearly 30 years, i.e. ...
The shift was mainly brought about by the middle class community from urban centers. This progressively decreased the number of blue collar service job attendants such as maids, gas station attendants, and the delivery personnel. During this particular period of time, referred to as in the stage of “employment base hemorrhage” of the blue-collar service and manufacturing jobs, the economy driven service holders helped create numerous white collar employment opportunities. These jobs were generated not only for the managers, executives, professionals, and clerical employees as well as for the low-skilled service people that includes fast-food workers and retail clerks in both urban and rural areas (Caputo, 1989, p. 85) By the end of the seventeenth century, it was evident that poverty was a naturally occurring phenomena and it was closely associated with urban growth. Although the number of people below poverty line increased in greater number during this time, skilled administration also began lacking. In this respect, the common reason was that the general communities mostly started feeling genuinely sympathized with the needy and tried to provide them facilities to improve their standard of living. Most of the communities in this regard started to point out that the issue was the reason out of the problem with a high degree of civic responsibility (Trattner, 1999, p. 26). Later in the late nineteenth century, there was not much provision for people to continue to engage themselves in health and welfare works between the meetings of the National Congress. Each of the official proceedings contained in it, was the best delivered papers. In response to this, concerned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Service Policy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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