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The Differences between Men and Woman in the Work Environment - Research Paper Example

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The Differences between Men and Woman in the Work Environment Instructor Institution Date Abstract It is without doubt that women and men behave differently, receive different treatment and perceive the working environment in different views. It is in this realization that this paper seeks to provide an insightful analysis and discussion about the differences that emerge between men and women while in the work environment…
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The Differences between Men and Woman in the Work Environment
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Download file to see previous pages These differences range from job preferences, stereotypes, gender discrimination, understanding of self worth, self esteem and show of ability to do certain jobs. In addition, the work place differences between men and women relate to the factors that cause and levels of psychological stress. To begin with, women tend to be very bureaucratic, especially in the working environments dominated by fellow women. This case is a direct contrast of men dominated working environments as men consider work procedures normal and casual, and likely tempted to break certain rules. Women working in male dominated work environments experience high levels of isolation, which interferes with their potential to socialize with the male counterparts (Stewart et al, 2007). On the contrary, men working in female dominated work environments socialize more quickly and freely. Fairly (2009) indicates that in many work environments, very few or no women undertake career progress bearing the fact that most of them serve in the lower hierarchies. This fact attributes to the bias expressed by male counterparts who hold and dominate top positions where critical decisions affecting the business are made. It is also a common occurrence for woman in many work environments to face serious if not relative discrimination. This fact relates to the social stereotype that views women as the weaker sex who cannot perform tasks perceived to be hard. This understanding would lead to discrimination against women when it comes to employment opportunities or rationalization of salaries for men and women working in the same sector or unit. As depicted by Fairly (2009), another common difference between women and men in the work environment is that women are likely to give up especially when faced with certain challenges contrary to the normal routine of work. Men on the other hand do not give up easily and would do everything possible to find solution to the potential irregularity that threatens the work routine. When faced with slight challenges, women in the work environment rush for help even without making small trials. On the contrary, men are hard to admit their inability until the problem proves big and beyond containment (Coyner, 2007). Women in the work environments take things more personal and will feel alienated, excluded, rejected and consider it insult when men do new and commendable things (Coyner, 2007). Contrarily, men in the work environments are impersonal and easy to accept as well as give credit to impressive ideas developed by others. It is because of this disparity that most women in the work environments tend to suffer unnecessary stress and unrest to an extent of resigning from their duties. It is also investigated that women in the work environment tend to have bigger thoughts for turnover and produce high actual turnover. This fact attributes to the low hierarchies held by women and the meager pay received as well as limited opportunities to advance in their careers. The entire factors sums up to job low work satisfaction among women, which contradicts the high work satisfaction among counterpart men. Furthermore, when compared to men, women are susceptible to big shocks or occurrences such as pregnancy and birth of a child that make them to decide about leaving a given organization. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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