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Running Head: Impact of Media on Socialization Shella Awanchir Joel O.Ojelade The role of media on the society and the process of socialization have been found to be large. The society of today perceives media to have impact over the world in the future…
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Impact of Media on Socializaton
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Download file to see previous pages It is this demand that urges the older generation to provide support for the newer generation so as to acquire adequate skills in accessing media resources (Trotter, 1998) .A number of surveys have corroborated this positive thought of parents to allow maximum possible access to children to educational, informative and entertaining contents. In a number surveys I has been confirmed that most parents and children perceive media tools like computers and the Internet as a positively contributing element. These perceptions are found to be significantly dominant over the concerns about the quality of the media content. (NSBF,2000). “Most parents believe that the Internet can help children with their homework and allow them to discover fascinating, useful things, and that children without access are disadvantaged compared to those with in access” (Turow, J.1999,p.14). With this point of view there is a steady increase in parents ensuring the access of their children to media by providing them access to the appropriate resources. However the indiscriminate use and dependency on media by the society is raising concerns over many long term consequences. When exposure to media becomes excessive and unmonitored, it can adversely affect the physical, social and psychological development of individuals. While media open up the window of access to enormous information, eventually it may expose people to inappropriate and immoral information as well. The objective of this essay is to review the impact of media on socialization Media & Social Structure Media in its various forms have substantially influenced every stream of the society. The impact that the media have made on the personal attributes and social relationships of people is substantial. Influence of media contents has abilities to shape one’s social interactions and the overall social structure as such. It has been reported that a commendable influence in the relationships of the children within the house is caused by the exposure to various media. An obvious change in the traditional parent-child relationship has been reported to have happened due to the influence of media tools. When a computer savvy child talks with parents and people of higher authority, it is found that the child play a role of a teacher to the parent. (Kiesler, Lundmark, Zdaniuk, et al. 1998.) Though the technological gap among generations may be the reason behind this happening, this is an obvious proof for the capacity building process of children imparted through new age media. The new age media options provide equality in access. This helps the restructuring of the societal authority structures. For instance, equal access to latest information through media can result in lesser acceptance of hierarchical relations as in the case of parents and children. This is an evidence of media affecting the societal structure and resultantly affecting the socialization process. Media spaces like online chat rooms provide people the possibility of building a big network of friends. Communication is an easy process in these chat rooms and comparatively an inexpensive deal as well. Facilities like emailing and memberships in online communities would give access to communicate with people of similar age group across the globe. As the limitations of time and distance have been nullified by the latest media technologies, people can develop friendships with other people from different cultures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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