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Social welfare policy Name: Institution: Social welfare policy Social policy is related with the study of the welfare state and social services. In simpler terms, social welfare can be defined as how individuals in the society take action to provide certain opportunities to other individuals in the society (Paul, 2008)…
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Social Welfare Policy
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Download file to see previous pages This essay will also analyze the mental health policy activities related to societal issues, and assess these policies effectively. Social welfare policy is a term that applies to the strategy which a government uses for social protection and welfare. This also applies to ways through which welfare is developed in a society and the study of the subject in question. In general, welfare can be referred to as the state of well-being in the society (Paul, 2008). There are several policies that have been set up by welfare groups to specifically address the needs of the needy in the society. Such include health policy, housing policy, and education policy (Hudson & Author, 1991). This article will capitalize on health policy and in particular, mental health. Mental health has a significant impact on social goals. Mental health is common in most states all over the world; therefore, general health programs have been developed to realize the considerable concerns about mental health. The plans set provide fundamental strategies for execution of the National Health policy. Poverty is one of the crucial problems linked with mental health and overall economic development. Deinstitutionalization and community care are appropriate in the overarching policies for mental health services. Mental disorders only attract limited attention in worldwide efforts that are aimed at alleviating poverty by investing in mental health services. In addition, individuals are able to view the patent disparities in the prevalence of mental health by the societal class. Research clearly proves that individuals in lower societal classes have a higher possibility of suffering from such mental conditions (Funk, Drew & Robertson, 2012). Different mental programmes have been set up in different countries to integrate mental health policies and strategic plans. Statistics from the World Health Organization reveal that mental health disorders are categorized second in the yoke of ailments all over the world. Clearly, about two thirds of all individuals diagnosed of mental disorders do not seek treatment. Affirmative mental health programmes are set up to ensure effective treatment and promotion programs that are made available to the needy (Hudson & Author, 1991). Health care can be divided into primary care, hospital care, and public health (Hudson & Author, 1991). It is noted that public health is the most essential issue in the growth of a country. Mental health policy is quite substantial since it defines the prospect state of a country. This is because mental health has a substantial effect on the population of a state. Mental health policies ensure the co-ordination of essential activities and services that allow treatment and care of those affected by such cases in the society. Also, these policies ensure that inefficiencies in issues related to health care are overruled entirely by preventing disintegration (Stout, 1996). Mental health plans include a detailed scheme that is based on the implementation of the objectives and visions which are fully defined in the policy. This plan should consist of activities that are to be implemented to embark upon mental conditions. In addition, this should also include an apparent clarification of the functions that stakeholders should execute in the implementation activities in regard to mental health. The liberal a state is in providing mental health equality, the higher the population that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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