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Community Analysis & Presentation - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Introduction In this research, innumerable social issues of Hancock, Wisconsin town are discussed in detail. Part one major on neighborhood profile, and discusses the following issues; types of boundaries, description of the town, the kind of people living in the area, buildings and intriguing places of the town…
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Community Analysis & Presentation
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Download file to see previous pages Part 2 of the research discusses on a theme concerning the town. Examples of themes to be looked at are employment and work, health, housing and ethnicity, people and demographics and retail and business. The research talks on the theme of health and finds out the following about Hancock, Wisconsin town; the kinds of health care facilities located in, accessible to, and whether people are aware of these facilities. The concerns people living and working in the area have on health care in the town, the type of health care packages available to workers, elderly, and unemployed. The research will also find out whether the residents of the town are health conscious and ensure that the town is clean. Part 1: Neighborhood Profile Boundaries Hancock, Wisconsin town is surrounded by the following towns; Plainfield, Wautoma, Westfield, and Coloma. My address to my location in the town is N3585 County Road V; Hancock, WI 54943. The boundaries of Hancock, Wisconsin town are formed by streets, natural features, and imaginary lines (Herman, 126). Many residents acknowledge town’s precincts because of their clarity. The features used as boundary lines are well recognized by both residents of Hancock, Wisconsin and the neighboring towns. ...
As a sociologist In case I was to describe Hancock, Wisconsin to a new person touring, and who is interested in knowing the town’s activities, I will begin by describing the natural beauty of Hancock, Wisconsin. The town is full of green plantations of trees that beautify the area making it an attractive area for viewing. There are several hotels in Hancock, Wisconsin that provide quality services to clients such as Rhapsody Resort and Spa, Great Wolf Lodge-Wisconsin Dells, and Americinn-Wautoma. Many individuals spend their vacations, summer, and winter holidays in town because of the easy accessibility of affordable and quality hotels. The town is clean throughout, and the environment is serene constantly, a factor that is inimitable to other towns in America. I will take the touring person to exciting areas such as recreation areas, wildlife parks, and historical buildings that are innumerable in town. It is easy to locate a house, and a place using addresses allocated to them when lost. Therefore, the visitor finds tracing his/her routes easily with no trouble using the address of the place. There are several noteworthy and significant buildings in Hancock, Wisconsin such as First Wisconsin Plaza, which is used as a business quarter and governmental offices. Quality of issues Hancock, Wisconsin’s houses and apartments buildings are clean, safe and properly repaired a factor that has boosted innumerable business and activities to be held in the town. The town council ensures that it vets and monitors all the buildings built to ensure that they meet the standard required within the town locality. The residents of the town access ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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