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Sociology - Subculture - Coursework Example

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Subculture Introduction This paper is about the subculture of bisexuals in the youth. It consists of people who are attracted to other people regardless of gender amongst the youths. According to Tischler (64), subculture refers to the distinctive lifestyle, values, norms, and beliefs of a certain segment of the population within a society…
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Sociology Coursework - Subculture
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Download file to see previous pages I choose bisexuals in the youth based on its distribution and effect to the youths and the society. In my exploration, I plan to evaluate issues that make this group so distinct to qualify as a subculture, what distinguishes it from other subcultures, and how this subculture has influenced the lifestyle of the youths. The most interesting thing about bisexual is the differences in behavior it shows from that of the society where it is found. One among many has been changing at a very big rate and thus the way it was some years back is not the way it is and is not the way we expect it to be in future. This subculture can be further subdivided into social classes, gender groups, and different age groups. Argument We have two components of a culture, which is reflected in each subculture; the material culture, and the nonmaterial culture. Material subculture consists of all of the human technology like machines, media, products, and services that assist members of a subculture in exploiting and modifying the environment they live in (Tischler 54). Nonmaterial subculture on the other hand consists of symbols, language, values, and norms used by the members of a sub cultural group (Kendall 65). Both material and nonmaterial subculture combines to determine the lifestyle of the members of the group. ...
It is important to note the kind of relationship existing among the bisexual are depended on favors as a way of satisfying their urge for sexual satisfaction. This is not the case in the opposite sex relationships among the youths. What may be meaningful to a relationship between members of the opposite sex mean less to bisexual (Kendall 65). For example the kind of gifts exchanged in bisexuals may differ with what the opposite sex relationship will exchange. For example, to express love for each other, they share visible object like the heart to symbolize love, a dove to symbolize peace, a siren to symbolize emergency and gestures as a symbolic form of communication. To them physical attraction based on dressing or type of car driven are immaterial since what matters is the relationship between them regardless of the entire group (youths) definition. According to Kendall (66), language is a set of symbols that expresses ideas and enables people to think and communicate with one another. Communications methods of expressing ones feelings are important in every subculture. However, I find Bisexuals unique in the way they express themselves among the youths. To them, non-verbal language like winking and snapping of fingers works best. This is because in most cases, they are not always free to express themselves freely in public without facing critics from the bigger culture of youths. They also fear long-term consequences like prosecution in the countries where same sex relationships are not permitted. Values are other thing that distinguishes a culture from other cultures. It sets a subculture at a distinct point where the involved members can be associated. They are also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology Coursework - Subculture Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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