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Fictional Character Review - Book Report/Review Example

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Name Professor Course Date Fictional Character Analysis: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Summary Nurse Ratched or Randall Patrick Murphy, a patient, who wins over who? In the Pacific Northwest at a mental institution dominated by nurse Ratched, the patient Randall Patrick Murphy was involuntarily brought in from a Work Farm at Pendleton…
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Fictional Character Review
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Ratched is confident that Murphy cannot succeed since her and the other doctors are in control of the hospital (Kesey). Murphy was capable of being understood and more so, sane. However, he pretends to be insane to avoid hard labor at the Work Farm which clearly explains why he is in a mental hospital. After a therapy meeting, where McMurphy expresses that the girl he raped was of legal age and had consented to the act, he asked Harding; the patients’ council president, why patients readily submit to Ratched. In response, Harding explained that they all were afraid of her including Dr. Spivey; the ward’s main doctor. He added that patients only adjusted to their status after Ratched’s involvement. In retrospect, McMurphy made a bet on Harding that, in a week’s time, he would get Ratched to change her means of treating patients. Sooner than, it could be, McMurphy began implementing his plan. Early in the morning he awakes to take a bath. He makes a complaint that patients brush their teeth only at certain times to one of Ratched’s black boys. McMurphy meets her in a towel after she arrives only to claim that his clothes were missing. Ratched asked one of his boys to get him new clothes after he threatened to drop his towel. Later he complains of the loud music played on the ward and makes a suggestion that the tub room should be opened as a game room: all of which Ratched declines to (Kesey 35). The success road for McMurphy began. Surprisingly, Ratched signals weakness; her hands shake when patients agree to the plan of making the tub room a game room. This accrued at a group meeting where Dr. Spivey having held a dialogue with McMurphy, and finding it a brilliant idea and occasionally mentioned it at the meeting. On seeing the outcome, McMurphy made another attempt to fulfill his plan. He began pushing for a change in their schedule. He proposed that they work in the night and watch the World Series during the day. Indeed, he incited patients to support his idea. Nevertheless, the patients were scared and declined the offer which angered him. Billy, a 30year old stutter, confronts him and tells him that none of his actions will benefit him in the end. McMurphy regresses and boasts that he will escape from the institution by throwing the control panel through the window from the tub room. The patients begin to be more and more aggressive to Ratched and her black boys (Kesey 47). Ratched allows for a vote on the World Series issue in a group meeting where McMurphy brings the topic into motion. Billy had earlier discussed his stammering in the meeting. Ratched declared the vote by twenty acute patients a defeat on the basis that no chronic could vote. McMurphy coerced Chief Bromden; author of the story whom the institution viewed as deaf and dumb, but Ratched claimed that it was too late. In retrospect, McMurphy joined by other patients went to watch the World Series instead of working (Kesey 51). Following the mutiny, doctors discussed McMurphy as an extraordinary man likely to be dangerous in a staff meeting. Ratched, however, declined the claim on the basis that they had authority to determine when McMurphy would leave the institution as he had a commitment to it. McMurphy consistently initiated hostilities which Ratched did not respond to. However, she reinstated control over the other patients by making tight their schedules and cutting down on their cigarettes. Later in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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