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Homicide in Puerto Rico - Term Paper Example

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Running head: Homicide in Puerto Rico Name Address Course Tutor Date Essay Outline. Abstract. This section introduces the topic by defining and giving the significant statistic related to the problem of Homicide in Puerto Rico. Statement of the Problem. Statistics concerning the problem of Homicides in Puerto Rico are discussed…
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Homicide in Puerto Rico
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Homicide in Puerto Rico

Download file to see previous pages... The Main Ideas The main ideas are summarized into two major points. 1. Poverty and Social disorganization. These two points are related as poverty leads to youths being formed in gangs that are an aspect of social disorganization. The idea is supported by several theories, which are; theory of strain, relative deprivation theory, broken windows theory and social ecological theories. The theories are then summarized. 2. Social Development and Social Control. The two points are also related as most social development aspects enhance social control. The points are discussed to be the second cause of homicides and crime in general. The theories that support these are discussed which are; social development theory, interactional theory, social reaction theory, social control theory, conflict theory and macro level theory of crime. A Professional analysis and Recommendation. This section discusses the professional perspective on the causes that could have led to homicides in Puerto Rico. The recommendations are also discussed from a professional point of view supported by the theories supporting the main points. For instance, unemployment and poverty leads to idleness and drug trafficking that in turn result to crimes like homicides. Theory of strain supports this as well as relative deprivation theory. Recommendations are also given in reference to the theories discussed. ...
Puerto Rico is a term used to refer to a US territory. In 2004, homicides were listed the 12th leading cause of deaths, 5th among men and 12th among women. Between 1999 and 2003, 93% of the homicide victims were aged below 30. Statement of the Problem According to a New York Times article, about 600 murders had occurred in 2003 as reported by police in 2003. Police in Puerto Rico had also reported almost 800 murders. The most common method of homicide was assault by use of firearm while use of sharp objects came in second. Use of firearms was the cause of 90.1% of homicides among male victims and 65.4% among female. Assault by objects followed while the other causes were less significant. Homicides were most common in urban areas. The New York Times refers to one of Puerto Rico’s violent crime “front battles” (Goodnough, 2003). Considering that (Miralba, Velez & Crosby, 2006). Cases of homicides increased in Puerto Rico. This is because 50% of the population was said to be living below the poverty line by 2004. This meant that most youths were organized in gangs due to unemployment. This is seen as an aspect of social disorganization. In addition, lack of strong social institutions and social control is a cause of homicides. The government through the Puerto Rico’s Homicide Investigation Authority initiated a comprehensive strategy that included advanced integrated surveillance system. This was to monitor assaults both fatal and non-fatal (Miralba, Velez & Crosby, 2006). However, the government could not address the problem without knowing the real causes of violence that led to homicides. Therefore, it promoted and supported research on interpersonal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Homicide in Puerto Rico
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Homicide in Puerto Rico
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