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How Does the Film Beloved Related to Sociological Theory and the Real World - Term Paper Example


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How Does the Film Beloved Related to Sociological Theory and the Real World

Moreover, destiny of the main heroine, which is full of hardships and challenges, is shown in an awfully realistic manner. Sociological issues of the film The director of the film managed to show drastic problems of a woman, who can be violated and then thrown away with a baby under her heart! The internal turmoil of a woman, who could once give up her children would follow her all lifelong (Tibbetts, 1999). There is no need to depict this story as a cohesive whole. It is quite understandable that even disconnected moments from one’s life can remain the most striking memories. Another problem is a problem of marriage and relations between two partners (Keizer, 1999). Paul D and Sether came across numerous challenges and life scares, but even after Paul’s betrayal with Beloved, he comes back to Sether. This is a story about love in spite of all; about love which is above our heads and souls and it is love in its pure form. People, who love each other devotedly are not afraid of a ruined house or ruined intimate relations…they just leave and are looking in one common direction. Therefore, it is relevant to consider this film from social functionalism. Though the main heroine escaped from the society, she managed to socialize her child to appropriate values and norms of society. The principles of this theory, which are mainly focused on marriage promotion, are reflected in the film. The director of the film shows the importance of marriage and spiritual contact between two spouses (Koolish,

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2001). Parson’s theory underlines the reliability of social functions differentiation between a husband and a wife. Another evident link to the theory is a special bond between a child and a mother. This can be illustrated by a constant haunting of Sethe by ghosts of her daughter, which came back to her after reincarnation. It is possible to illustrate the functionalist sociological theory, when Paul D. betrayed his woman, Sethe, with Beloved. On the one hand, he followed his gender instinct, but on the other hand he felt his guilt and could not confess to Sethe about his misbehavior (Iyasere & Iyasere 2000, p. 32). Basically, it is possible to claim that this film influenced the audiences’ attitudes to family. It shifted accents from dominating free relations to a devoted partnership between two beloved persons. Moreover, a challenging and a strong character of the main heroine reflected devoted relations between a mother and a child. It is shown that after all hardships a baby is back to her mother. Moreover, a baby has always been with a mother. At this point is possible to draw parallels between a woman, who makes a decision to make an abortion and her further life, when she is haunted by her unborn baby. Therefore, this film can be correlated with Weber’s postulates about individual’s ability to create his own world. Sethe and Paul D. are perfect examples of the individuals, who managed to live through different challenges and follow their own life paths. A power of an individual can be compared with a model of the Western individual’s development: a way from “zero” to “absolute”. Consequently, this film opens minds of the audience and provides a favorable basis for further considerations. Conclusion The film “Beloved” talks about very important issues for the society: a family, relations between two belov


Beloved [Name] [Date] Introduction The film Beloved is rather controversial. Different critics have expressed various opinions about this film (Wardi, 2005). This is a story of Sethe (Oprah Winfrey), a woman who is haunted by reminiscences from the past and tries to escape from her awful memories on a farm in Cincinnati…
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How Does the Film Beloved Related to Sociological Theory and the Real World
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