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Sociology - Language and Culture - Term Paper Example

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Running Head: LANGUAGE AND CULTURE Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 26th March, 2012 Language and Culture Every society has its own language, culture, dressing and institutions which make up its social structure and cultural values…
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Sociology - Language and Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Language A precise definition of language states that ‘language’ may pertain either to the particular capacity of human beings for the acquiring and usage of an intricate interface of communication. It may also refer to a scientific study of language which is termed as linguistics. Besides being a basis for understanding, thinking and communicating, language also plays a role as a basic feature of building up identity and culture. Language has also been classified into natural and artificial languages. Effects of Language on Culture Language does not only serve the purpose of communication, but is only very effective on our culture and thinking process. I have experienced that culture is a learned element. It is taught through language and practice, behaviors, and the human emotions, expressions and feelings. Language has enough influence on culture to create a separate identity for a particular area or region. I have noticed various grammatical constructs and new words appearing in the everyday language. My personal opinion suggests this change to be an outcome of technology and modernization. For example, the word ‘dashboard’ was previously thought of as boards which served the purpose of saving its occupants from snow which would be kicked up by the horses dashing along the way. However, the technology of internet has made this word a part of every language virtually. Another influence of language on culture can be experienced in our day-to-day life. When a child starts growing up and speaking, the words like ‘sorry’, ‘please’, and ‘thank you’ teaches precious skills of the society and culture. This elaborates upon the fact that speech is one of the primary ways of teaching culture to the young generation. Thus, the identities of the culture are created by the type of language or the accents and dialects that are spoken by its people. Effects of Culture on Language The effects of culture and language and its relationship with each other is as old as mankind itself. Through my observation, I have seen that, media and modern technology has made the culture and language undergo many changes. Due to the extreme transition of culture, the language spoken by people has also seen stages of evolutions into the advanced phase. Over time, different cultures borrowed sounds, dialects, accents, vocabulary, and grammar from one another. For example, trousers in English and Pants in Britain have the same connotation; however, they are used interchangeably now. Moreover, English has borrowed many words from French and Spanish culture. The culture which updates itself with the modernization and advancements is said to be a rich culture. The following section look as at the various factors that influence language and culture in a society: Media’s Influence on Language and Culture Media is described as a channel which assists communication at individual, national and global levels. It is a tool which is used to convey data and information from one place to another. Be it electronic media or print, it makes a significant use of language in the data transfer methods. It has given rise to the concepts such as gender bias and extreme use of slangs in the language (Perkins, n.d.). The mainstream sociolinguistics resisted a lot that the introduction of mass media may not impact changes in the core grammar of the language, however, the latest results from Glasgow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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