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Sociology of Violence - Coursework Example

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Sociology of Violence. The theoretical meaning and understanding of what is referred to as violence is somewhat underdeveloped. Violence to a person can be socially defined, sexualized, or gendered…
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Sociology of Violence
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Download file to see previous pages The theoretical meaning and understanding of what is referred to as violence is somewhat underdeveloped. Violence to a person can be socially defined, sexualized, or gendered. A group’s social construction identity involves differentiating an individual or the group from others and therefore identifies the construction necessary for potential antagonistic, violent relationship with other groups. An alternate interpretation of violence is invoked by the social construction which places the violent act to a supra-individual level like cultural systems, symbolic, or discursive formations having their own agency or logic. In this kind of analysis, culprits are products or pawns of discourses existing and moving independently of any particular individual’s actions (Fearon and Laiting, 2000). To comprehend how family policy on violence and recommendations are publicly presented, it is important to analyze and understand the rhetoric behind construction of this issue. The information will serve collectively as a guideline in constructing a picture of the rhetorical social construction of violence (Mitchell, 1980). Violence is caused by Biological, Psychological, or Social Factors Aggression is a response that delivers stimuli, noxious, to another organism. It is a behavior learned either culturally or socially. Violence, just like aggression, is a reaction towards social stimuli. This point can be reinforced by the fact that violence is actually beneficial to some societies which use its functionality to achieve their aims. Some societies attain their ill agendas by resorting to violent means. Thus, violence is a social construction that can be abused and misappropriated (Leonard, 1990). The biological aspect approach towards aggression is related to hormones. Researchers have established links between aggression and hormone levels. Other suggestions point out that levels of testosterone may be as a result of aggression. Retaliation towards aggression leads to violence. Chromosomes have also been closely associated with aggression. Males who have the XYY composition of chromosomes are said be more aggressive. This shows a genetic link associated with aggressiveness. Violent biological arguments do not properly put into consideration that humans are more complex compared to other animals, hence having the volition in choosing their behavior.  The other animals do not have this capability, making humans a very unique species (David, 2005). Structural Violence is the Violence of Injustice The term ‘Structural violence’ was first used during the 1960s and refers to a violence form where a social institution or social structure harms people purportedly by preventing and denying them their basic needs. Institutionalized ethnocentrism, elitism, classism, sexism, racism, nationalism, ageism, heterosexism, and adultism are among structural violence examples. Direct violence and structural violence are highly interdependent. These include family violence, hate crimes, genocide, racial violence, terrorism, and war (Leighton and Winter, 2001). Structured violence produces death and suffering as often as does direct violence. However, the damages are slower, more common, more subtle, and difficult to repair. World wide, poverty is directly correlated with infectious diseases, infant mortality, and short life expectancy. When people are prevented form accessing society’s resources, psychological and physical violence follows. Being denied political power, education, health care, or legal standing are among structu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology of Violence Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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