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Social Institutions - Research Paper Example

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Social Institutions Social Institutions Social Institutions Introduction Since the existence of society, researchers have demonstrated that sociological theories played an important role in describing, explaining, and predicting observable events that occur in each social institution within the society…
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Social Institutions Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages To evaluate the impact of these three theories on the family, the following questions are addressed: 1. How does each theory apply to family? What are the similarities and differences? 2. How does each theory affect the view of individual who is a part of the family? 3. How does each theory affect the approach to social change within the family? 4. Within the family, how does each theory affect the views of society? How do functionalism, conflict, and interaction theory apply to family? Functionalism applies to family in several ways. One is that it demonstrates one of the important tenets of functionalism theory where in the family has parts and each of the parts has its own function to play. Although, the roles are not directly dictated by the group, it is implied that members has to play them. This organizational set up of the family is deemed important for the family as a whole to maintain stability, to be able to survive, and to contribute to the nurturance of the society in general. According to Talcott Parsons, each member of the family has to perform certain task which should persist to achieve functional and efficient unit. Since family is one of the seedbeds of the society, parents serve to shape the values beliefs, ideas, and social nature of its members to be of significant contributor in the society. The same holds true for children who assume to hold the responsibility to uphold the ideals of their parents. Family functions to socialize and educate their members, and where adult personalities are established. In addition, family exhibits other concepts of functionalism where in aspects of social life that do not promote family values and consensus such as prostitution, robbery, and illicit activities are not maintained or passed from one generation to another. This is the reason why, if some members of the family decline to function in accordance to the accepted norms, parents has to drag them back to the mainstream society to regain balance. Not only functional theory applies to family but also conflict theory. Conflict perspective applies to family viewing it to be in continual struggles although not necessarily through aggressive means. Such misunderstandings and problems among members are endemic and cannot be totally disregarded because each member of the family has her own interest to pursue (Chafetz, 2001). Conflict might arise from simple disobedience of children or breakage of family rules to meet their needs. Other forms of struggle include favoritism of parents, scarce resources in the form of limited source of income, unemployment, individual differences, and others. Similar to the larger society, conflict theory assumes that this conflict is an inherent part of family relationship in which with the effort of the members is resolved just the same. The presence of conflict however does not mean members are not bonded but rather identifies the social, economic, and interpersonal challenge the family is subjected to. Interaction theory applies to family in such a way that it views family as a group of interacting people who learn and acquire mutual understanding of gestures, symbols, and words as they live their everyday lives. Whether members are in conflict or merely socializing within their group, they employ symbolic gestures to convey their views and be understood. Interestingly, this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Institutions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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