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The Polaris Project: A Modern-Day War against Modern-Day Slavery - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Anti-Trafficking Movement The Polaris Project: A Modern-Day War against Modern-Day Slavery A Discussion Paper Name Name of Professor Introduction Human trafficking weakens the security and wellbeing of all countries it implicates…
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The Polaris Project: A Modern-Day War against Modern-Day Slavery
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Extract of sample "The Polaris Project: A Modern-Day War against Modern-Day Slavery"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion includes the organization’s mission and activities, its importance to the current war against human trafficking, and possible ways to improve its current outcomes. Mission and Programs of the Polaris Project Black slaves, for decades, made use of the North Star to lead them to emancipation down the Underground Railroad. At present, more than a century after slavery was formally brought to an end in America, the Polaris Project tries to become a guiding light of free will and liberty for present slaves whose populations all over the world are continuously ballooning. The Polaris Project is an organization engaged in the war against human trafficking. Its name was inspired by the North Star. The organization has been creating an inclusive strategy to fighting present-day slavery and human trafficking since 2002 (Meyn, 2007). It operates at local, national, and global arenas. As stated by the organization, human trafficking is one of the biggest organized crimes in the world, and is intensifying at a disturbing pace. The office of the Attorney General reported in 2004 to Congress that annually “14,500 to 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States” (Meyn, 2007, 10). The Polaris Project is parading the catchphrase ‘Slavery Still Exists’ to mobilize the public against human trafficking. ...
Adherents and practitioners who collaborate with the organization aspire to nurture hope and encouragement among victims of human trafficking, and to mobilize the organization’s inadequate resources to give assistance to those affected, team up with community associations, and lend a hand to everybody caught in human trafficking, as well as those who are culpable of the crime themselves. One of the most important activities of the organization is the conference call to states and legislators to co-operate, give insights, and support anti-trafficking policy. Every state has implemented its distinct strategy against human trafficking and the goal of the activity was to grant legislators the chance to find out from each other effective approaches to combat the issue and the problems others have faced in effectively enforcing anti-trafficking policy. Nevertheless, not all states have anti-trafficking legislation and victim-oriented approach that stresses the significance of the duties that the Department of Social Services and Law Enforcement have in dealing with this atrocious criminal industry (Lagon, 2009). But the organization is hopeful that it will be able to encourage these states to join the movement against human trafficking. Another activity of the organization is the rigorous trainings and educational meetings for community leaders. It works with the task force and unions to develop new materials that inform supporters and professionals on arising human trafficking systems. The staff members also work nonstop to field calls and respond to crisis calls. Fielding calls involves a considerable extent of documentations and updating which could require communicating to law enforcement reports of human trafficking, giving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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