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Use of Illegal Drugs by College Students - Research Paper Example

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Use of illegal drugs by college students College students use illegal drugs because they assume everyone else is, they pretend to take part in illegal drug use to be socially accepted and act of pretending eventually becomes a reality for actual drug use…
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Use of Illegal Drugs by College Students
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Download file to see previous pages According to the national center on addiction and substance abuse at Columbia University, majority of scholars manage to face these experiences comfortably whereas others face challenges that result to emotional confusion. As a result they resort to unhealthy artificial strategies to enhance their mood to insensitive their unpleasant thoughts and feelings. In this theory students who are engaged in their activities at school and serve their societies well are at lower risk of drug abuse.
The hypothesis springs from analysis that demonstrates that shows that additional curricular activities facilitate cut back illegal drug use among students. Students kept busy in constructive activities are presumably about to lack time for negative feelings could also be underneath watch of lecturers and fogeys and thus less tempted to from medicine.
Due to these shocking results about college students taking drugs, several theories have been formulated to explain the real causes of this behavior in college students.
The behavior is socially accepted as a result of emotional, physical and lifestyle transformations which also lead to drug abuse in college students. ...
Testing with tobacco is done by College students, alcohol and other substances at the middle school level while some starting at the elementary education level. National survey figures show that one third of students in the 12th grade abuse drugs to levels of impairing their judgment while almost a half of students in high school have used marijuana in the last 30 days. Marijuana remains the most commonly abused illegal drug among high school students despite the recent increase in the use of drug ecstasy among the youth in US. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2002 indicated that many college students assume out of curiosity to take drugs with the intention of realizing how it feels like to be under the influence of drugs. Others hold ceremonies that drugs are part of the substances consumed. Even when parents get angry with them, very few regret using drugs. After the initial instances many continue to use drugs even in their adulthood. Some who had their first experiences repelling continue with the behavior latter in their lives. With involvement of peer influence, male students will at times pretend to be using drugs even when they are not or sometimes their friends suspecting they are faking drug use. The common recognition of drinking by the public also contributes to increased drug use among students. Donovan John who studies teen drinking at Pittsburg University observed that peer influence is not the main cause drug abuse among college students. The general acceptance of drinking by the society, he believes remains the major contributor to this behavior. Young boys and girls in their childhood observe people drinking, lack of family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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