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Self-Injury Among Teens - Research Paper Example

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Self – injury among teens including: cutting, eating disorder, depression and suicide One of the common behavioral disorders often noticed in adolescents is self injury. In the worst scenarios, even suicidal tendencies creep in, being induced due to various anxiety disorders and depression…
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Self-Injury Among Teens
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Download file to see previous pages It calms me down” (Fritz, 9), it is clear that suppressed frustrations need a channel to escape and this channel takes form of self-injurious behaviours. Such activities of self-mutilation, as suggested by mental health researchers, are channels to vent out the inner frustrations piled up inside one’s self, and act as distractive mechanisms helping one to escape from the pain and to cope with mental turmoil (Harman, 13). Few widespread acts of self injuries include cutting, self-burning, pricking skin until it bleeds, banging one’s own head, pulling out hair and suicide. Recent evidences suggest that such activities of self-harm, excluding suicide, are non-suicidal in nature and are hence categorized as NSSI or Non-Suicidal Self Injury. Theories explaining the causes behind self-injuries Teens seem to be becoming more and more prone and vulnerable to engaging in self-torturing activities, which may be moderate and impulsive in nature, such as cutting, self-burning, carving etc. They may again be moderate, but compulsive in nature, like hair-pulling, nail-biting and skin-pricking. The activities may also be stereotypic, consisting of repetitive acts of head-banging, eyeball pressing and self-biting. The most extreme forms of self-harming activities are major or psychotic in nature and include obliteration of massive amounts of tissue. (Fritz, 9) According to mental health researchers, at least a handful number out of these youths engage in self-bashing to avoid negative reinforcements such as emotional distress, interpersonal conflict or intrusive uncomfortable thoughts. In such cases, the self-injury may serve as a distracter enabling them to escape from the pain accumulated inside, and to deal with the mental turmoil. Jennifer Meuhlenkamp suggests that a behavioral analysis of the victim may enable the therapist to identify the negativities, which are trapped within. She suggests that the victim of NSSI be taught positive mechanisms, which he / she can engage in and implement, in order to cope with the unpleasant, depressing, distressing, anxiety- causing thoughts or frustrations or memories. For an example, one could hold an ice cube in the hand until it melts. It is because; the intense sensation of chilliness will divert their minds away from all negative reinforcements. It may even be somewhat painful; yet, it is a substitute that is preferable to self-cutting. Ultimately, even better distracters such as sports, art, music, or talking with a supportive friend are should be taught. (Harman, 13-14) Experiencing negative reinforcements inappropriate distraction technique to combat them NSSI / suicide appropriate distraction techniques to combat the negative reinforcements A study conducted in 6 schools in Japan, found that among the late teen students, females are more likely than males to engage in self-cutting. This suggests that the epidemic of self-cutting in Japan, possibly in?uenced by media, may not affect late teen males, as, they tend to get less influenced by media. The study also leads us to suspect that males may tend to deny suicidal ideation, while both suicidal ideation described by early teen females and self-cutting performed by late teen females may not necessarily mean a burning zeal to die, but instead re?ects a method of communicating distress to others (Matsumoto, 364). Findings and Analysis Various studies of self destruction have been conducted and patterns have been identified. Japan led an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Self-Injury Among Teens Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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