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The Challenge of Domestic Terrorism to American Criminal Justice - Term Paper Example

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The challenge of domestic terrorism to American criminal justice David Castillo Student Number Course Number Due Date The challenge of domestic terrorism to American criminal justice Terrorism and its global spread is an imminent threat to world peace…
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The Challenge of Domestic Terrorism to American Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages The terrorist groups which operate from the Middle East are able to influence the immigrant population and it drastically affects the multicultural and multiracial outlook of America. Thesis statement: The challenge of domestic terrorism to American criminal justice is critical because the same is an imminent threat to national security. A. Definition: terrorism The task to define terrorism is difficult because the initial definition underwent rapid change due to the change in international context. Williamson defines terrorism as “‘Terrorism’ is generally understood to be intimidation with a political or ideological purpose: the terror is meant to cause others to do things that they would otherwise not do” (40). To be specific, the terrorists consider that they are revolutionaries aiming to change the whole world. But the governments and the global community consider that terrorism is totally against humanity. The clash between these concepts creates immense tension among the world nations. When terrorism is based upon religious fundamentalism, there exists high scope for violence and bold shed. B. The origin of terrorism The origin of terrorism is interconnected with the protest against the government in different societies. Some of the terrorist groups dissolve after revolution and accept democracy. ...
Within this context, one can easily identify that the origin of modern terrorism is in the Middle East. Some of the Middle East nations based upon revenue from petroleum export provide funding to international terrorist groups. C. Why terrorism is used? One can easily identify that the international terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda makes use of terrorism to intimidate the western nations. These terrorist groups consider that terrorism is the best possible way to challenge their enemies and to gain international attention. Gus states that “Terrorism was used as a matter of practical choice during insurgencies” (166). Besides, the international fundamentalist groups like Al-Qaeda make use of religious fundamentalism as a tool to spread their ideology among the younger generations. From a different angle of view, terrorism based on religious fundamentalism easily gains the attention of the international community. D. How can we prevent terrorism? The best possible way to prevent terrorism is to attract international attention on the same. Besides, strict regulation of laws on immigration can prevent the terrorists from entering a nation. But the effectiveness of this measure is interconnected with the international co-operation against terrorism. When the world nations become conscious about the far reaching consequences of terrorism, the immigration policies and laws will become effective. White states that, “Partnerships with all types of formal and informal organizations and cooperation among all levels of law enforcement in an environment that rewards information sharing is the ultimate answer to preventing terrorism” (532). Besides, the world nations must share information on the terrorist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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