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This piece of research paper described the impact of technology advances on employment. This paper explains how and why technology replaced employment and how this has caused increased rate of unemployment. The job loss due to technology change will be explained from the economic as well as social perspectives. …
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Job Loss Because of Technology
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Download file to see previous pages One of the most striking is that technology creates jobs as well as destructs them. Economics view technology as a cause of reducing the demand for labor and thus causing a shift in labor-demand curve. Sociologists may view technology as an important advancement to enhance better standard of life for the public whereas as a reason for job loss too. Sociologic view regarding technology impact on employment Sociologists view that technology has played major role in removing jobs-opportunities for the public. As Browne (2006, p. 386) noted, development of technology has been found to have removed the numbers of workers required to perform tasks. Workers and their opportunities have fully been replaced by comprehensive automated work processes either by using or other technologies. Automation has caused removing of many unskilled and semi-skilled manual jobs. In many industries, major parts of workers’ role have been hit, except few where decision making and qualitative thinking required. By the revolution in industrialization, a large numbers of manual, skilled and un-skilled works have been removed. But, by the revolution in information technology and computers, many of the managerial, administrative, official and clerical works have been hit, even though not fully replaced, due to that all such professions always need thinking, decision making and strategic thinking skills. Some of the computerized machines have caused huge redundancies in clerical and office staff. For instance, cash dispensers in banking, insurance and other service sectors have causes job losses of thousands of workers, and many routine clerical jobs have been...
This paper approves that technology change, to be more specific, technological advancement causes both job creation and jobs-loss. As very evident from our day-to-day experiences, toll-booth, bar-code readers in the retail shops, large machines in large scale industries cause mass job loss, but same time, introduction of all such technologies also require large numbers of skilled and trained people to be specified to work in them. This paper has analyzed the sociological and economic perspectives of technology impact on jobs-loss and this paper finds that technology causes both job creation and job destruction, despite the fact that the exact ratios of both job loss and job creation may be unknown or seldom explored.
This paper concludes that technology change increases jobs opportunities as well as decrease them. Both are in quite different ways. How much exactly it destructs or creates the job is unknown or seldom accounted. This paper suggests and recommends that further study is required to study the exact ratios or calculations of technology impact on both job creation and job destruction, because, no literatures have so far detailed any such relation between job loss and job creation that the same technology change may cause. there are different types of unemployment, namely structural unemployment, frictional unemployment, seasonal unemployment, cyclical unemployment, technological unemployment and disguised unemployment. Unemployment is a persistent economic problem, almost as critical as inflation. Most economic theories and perceptions are prepared based on the concept that fuller employment is critical to economic development and is highly important for better standard of living. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Job Loss Because of Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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