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Death or Dying: Capital Punishment - Research Paper Example

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Death & Dying: Capital Punishment Death & Dying: Capital Punishment There are some questions that social scientists should be able to answer. Either executing people cuts the homicide rate or it does not. Or perhaps it does under certain conditions and not others…
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Death or Dying: Capital Punishment
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Download file to see previous pages Capital punishment is prevailing even in some of the most civilized and democratic countries in the world like America, India etc. In fact capital punishment cases are more in America compared to such cases in other countries. Even though many people argue that capital punishment is necessary to reduce the criminal or terrorist activities, many others are of the view that capital punishment is not suitable to the current advanced and civilized world. Sociologically, it is difficult to justify capital punishment because of the immense value associated with human life. Human life is the most important thing in this earth and it should be preserved or sustained under any circumstances. The secrets behind birth and death are still unknown to us even though science and technology advanced a lot. At the same time, prohibition of capital punishment may force criminals to engage in more and more violent activities and therefore more innocent people may lose their lives. In fact the fear of capital punishment is the only thing which forces criminals for a second thought before conducting hard-core criminal activities. Under such circumstances, prohibition of capital punishment may encourage criminals to engage in more severe criminal activities. ...
However, in the case of capital punishment, the term avoidance is more suitable than correction. In other words, capital punishment is the ultimate form of punishment and it is an irreversible process. The aim of capital punishment is to avoid antisocial elements permanently from the society in order to save the lives of others. The right to live is a natural right for all human beings irrespective of differences in culture, gender, age or socioeconomic status. Since the secrets behind life are yet to be unveiled, deliberate killing of a life cannot be justified under any circumstances. Religions believe that all life forms are the creations of God. If God is the creator of all things in this world, human should also be the creations of God. If that is true, only the creator has the authority to destroy or make corrections on his creations. In other words, by implementing capital punishment, human violates some moral laws. He is trying to execute some actions which are not intended for him by God. If the arguments of religions are correct, the question of how to protect the lives of innocence people is relevant. In a healthy society, killing of innocent people cannot be justified under any moral, legal or sociological laws. The lives of all the people are equal and it is the duty of the society to take precautionary measures to protect the lives of its members. Society has certain norms in preventing killing of innocent people. Capital punishment is one way of preventing criminals from taking the lives of innocent people. In other words, mechanisms like capital punishment used for saving the lives of people are difficult to digest for an ordinary person. Saving the lives of innocent people by killing criminals is not good for a healthy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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