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Power of Money - Essay Example

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Power of Money In APA Format Abstract Ask the son whose father is lying on the death bed waiting to be operated, the power of money, ask hundreds of thousands of children in Africa who are dying of malnutrition, the power of money, ask people living in dire poverty incapable of buying themselves a one course meal, the power of money…
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Power of Money
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Download file to see previous pages The psyche of the people has been affected and they are driven by wealth and strongly relate wealth with happiness. This paper will shed light upon the power of money and what it can buy. Money can change people: Money has the ultimate power of changing the people, some for good and some for not so. Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world; he has donated billions of dollars and continues to stun his employees with his sagacity and his nature. Money has not changed him as a man; he still resides in a very small house considering the wealth he has accumulated over the years. Money can change a weak man but a strong man will never be swayed by this temptation. There are several examples which can prove this, consider professional sportsmen. They make so much money yet they keep practicing and keep getting better at what they do. They do not play for money, they play because they are passionate about their chosen sport, professional footballers train for hours every day to get better, when they get seriously injured, they work even harder. Some footballers even work for over 9 to 10 hours a day just to get better and to take the field. Money can never change such dedicated professionals, on the contrary someone who becomes rich all of a sudden is ought to change, take a person who has won a lottery for instance. He would want to experience everything good in life with the prize money and once the prize money is over, the person will struggle to acclimatize to his usual lifestyle. Money and habits have a very deep connection; a person who is prone to spending will find devious ways of earning money when he has no money. This is why we are witnessing crimes on a daily basis these days; most of these crimes are money driven if not all. “Money, then, appears as this distorting power both against the individual and against the bonds of society, etc., which claim to be entities in themselves. (The Power of Money) Money is believed to be capable of transforming love into strong hatred; it is also capable of transforming intelligence into idiocy. Unemployment and Crime Rates: We get to see several instances of desperation everywhere, chain snatching, robbery, and mugging are common occurrence. Thugs are ready to murder other people for a handful of cash and this is why life has become the cheapest commodity. “It was hypothesized that nations having a high rate of unemployment and an inequitable distribution of income would have a high crime rate.” (Inequality, Unemployment and Crime) It is a well known fact that desperation can force a human being to do unprecedented things; this can be proved by giving an opportune example. A person who has been sacked and is left with no money needs money to get his father operated who is suffering from a brain tumor, chemotherapy is quite expensive and requires a lot of money, immediate treatment should be provided otherwise his father may expire, the person will inevitably adopt unprecedented ways of getting money and saving his father. Some others involve themselves in criminal activities because of their lifestyle, some take drugs and when they do not have the money to buy drugs, they do unimaginable things to acquire money and satisfy their insatiable hunger for drugs. How money can buy happiness Vs How it cannot: Different people will have different takes on this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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