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Social Policies: Development and Transformation - Research Paper Example

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In this paper, acts and policies in relation to the welfare of children will be presented and evaluated. Particular features of children welfare policies will be the focus of the paper namely child poverty, child abuse and issues pertaining to children with special education needs…
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Social Policies: Development and Transformation
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Download file to see previous pages The welfare of the members of society is important in the long term development of a community (Sherraden 2003). This view has been well-studied and examined by many scholars and political thinkers. In the process of social development and transformation, social investment by means of securing the wellbeing of the citizens is very important (Sherraden 2003; Zastrow 2009). Consequently, child welfare is also central to this process of development. Conventionally viewed as the future of the society, children’s upbringing—the physical, mental and social development—can be looked at as an important social investment in achieving growth in a society (Conley 2010). Thus, if the events related to child welfare such as child poverty, child abuse and treatment to children with special needs will be addressed; social investment through similar forms of welfare activities will be developed. This new perspective on social development strategy transcends the traditional passive form of governance where the one-sided political agenda primarily focusing on the economic stability dominated. Looking closely at this perspective, we can see how giving importance to the welfare of people may change certain political standpoint in the government. Notably, this new perspective is similar to what the New Labour policies in the United Kingdom are advocating. However, in this paper, this political standpoint will be further analyzed in line with some underlying repercussions of the trend. Social policies are generated primarily because of the multitude of social events prior to the policy-formation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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