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Pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder among adults where they experience recurrent and intense sexual interests with children as objects of desire (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2011).The word is rooted from the Greek words paidos, meaning child and philia, which means love…
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Pedophilia and stepfathers
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Download file to see previous pages Pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder among adults where they experience recurrent and intense sexual interests with children as objects of desire (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2011).The word is rooted from the Greek words paidos, meaning child and philia, which means love Pedophilia is defined not only by having sexual intercourse with the child but also by other sexual acts that exploit the child. These include touching the child’s private parts; videotaping the child’s nude body; and showing the child the pedophile’s private parts. Pedophilia happens rampantly and it happens to both girls and boys (Eric Digest, 2005). Although most reported cases happen to females at the rate of 12 out of 17, it does not mean that male children are not at risk. Some of them are just afraid to report these incidents, not out of fear to the abuser but for fear of what others might think about them. The victims’ ages range from 10 to 18 years old for males and 5 to 18 years old for females (Virola, 2011). Pedophiles believe and feel that they need to take care of the child and make them happy, and they are erroneously convinced that the child feels the same way.The pedophile may also have legitimate relationship with the child, such as being stepfather, sibling or teacher (Vaknin, 2011). According to the study made by Guerrero-Manalo, Reyes, Madrid, & Dans, (n.d., p. 16), 7% of pedophiles are the victims’ stepfathers. ...
Characteristics of Abusers Characterizing child sexual abusers has proven difficult because it is subjective. Continuous empirical study, however, has allowed allowed a profile or list of traits that distinguish this group. The purpose of this list is to help people ascertain which traits to look out to identify pedophiles. This is to prevent sexual abuse from happening not only with their own child but with other children as well. Although the characteristics may vary from one person to another, a general approach may still help categorize sexual abusers (Millon, Simonsen, Birket-Smith, & Davis, 1998). Here are some characteristics that may help identify if the child’s stepfather is a sexual abuser. Sexual abusers usually exhibit great interest towards female children. They stay in the house most of the time when there is a child at home and talk to them more than to adults. They give money or buy gifts for them even if there is no concrete reason (Hall & Hall, 2010). Most of the time, they ask a child to stay home with them while the others go out. They may also offer to baby sit or spend more time with the child while encouraging the mother to go out and relax. If the stepfather is becoming “touchy”, including gestures like hugging, holding or tickling, one should be beware because these are likely behavior of sexual abusers (Hall & Hall 2010). These manifestations are still considered light or unnoticeable. Some of the most obvious characteristics that classify a sexual abuser are dressing inappropriately in front of the child; always conversing about the changes and developments of the child’s body; masturbating frequently; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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