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Society, Diversity and Planning - Coursework Example

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The following report "Society, Diversity and Planning" is primarily purposed to define and analyze some of the important challenges that need to be looked at and demonstrate items like the measurement of poverty and the results from statistical research. …
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Society, Diversity and Planning
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Download file to see previous pages There are four main parts related to poverty that need to be addressed. Poverty resulting from the recession; the broader view of poverty; statistical analysis and measurements of poverty; and some underlying trends illustrating Labour market trends within and outside government agencies.
Under the category of low income, there are inequalities and children that are poor.
In the recession, there is unemployment and worklessness which brings debt.
For children and young adults, there is their economic situation, their education which does not provide enough income, their health, and their exclusion.
Under the categories of communities and services, there are aspects of neighborhood and access to services.
In an earlier report, the government adopted social exclusion ideology and Mr Blair took a pledge to end childhood poverty.
Social exclusion has two features that poverty does not. First, income levels or material consumption does not measure it; second, we do not know who or what is doing the excluding. A National strategy for neighborhood renewal with 18 Policy Action Teams examining subjects ranging from jobs and skills to allow access to shops and financial services had developed.
Measuring social exclusion was next and a look at the gap between low and average income was necessary in order to begin this aspect. An example of this is that those who are extremely poor do not have bank accounts.
Those who were disadvantaged usually ranked lower on scales of income, class, and ethnicity. If disadvantages are to be dealt with properly, policies need to be put in place. It is unlikely however that solving one part of the problem will solve the entire thing. In order for governments to work better with poverty, they needed to create policies that state that it is not a the result of failing, it is more of a result of social problems. Unfortunately, this does not tell us who or what is the cause of poverty, it just lays the blame on someone other than the poor person. Welfare has now become the cure for all for every poverty ailment. What should the Coalition government do in order to resolve poverty as a social issue. Children who are poor do not know whether they will live or die. Now we take a look at measuring poverty. Household income is the basis of all research in this area. One household is a dwelling with one or two adults and either with or without dependent children. Sometimes they include children that have become adults so there are more than two adults in the household. If the household's income falls at 60% of the median income, that household is living in poverty. Two people can have the same standard of living as one person with less than double the income. Two adults can have the same standard of living as one adult if they have 172% of the income of one adult. Two adults with two children must have 240% of the income of one adult to have the same standard of living. In measuring poverty, why is income the main factor that determines that someone is living in poverty. A minimum income standard was developed in order to measure an income that would allow for a healthy amount of goods and services for a consumer to buy. A minimum income for an individual or group can be found on the following website: Income measurements depend on family types (single adult, lone parent with one child, couple with two, single pensioner along with the many other types of families out there). The minimum ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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