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What constitutes torture A look into ancient and modern forms of torture - Research Paper Example

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“A lot of voices were very loud, expressing their anger for taking a Christian military person as a hostage and killing him while they kept their mouth shut from saying anything supporting those poor Muslims who are in prisons and being tortured by the hands of the cross-believers.” …
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What constitutes torture A look into ancient and modern forms of torture
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What constitutes torture A look into ancient and modern forms of torture

Download file to see previous pages... “A lot of voices were very loud, expressing their anger for taking a Christian military person as a hostage and killing him while they kept their mouth shut from saying anything supporting those poor Muslims who are in prisons and being tortured by the hands of the cross-believers.” Some of the modern world’s worst forms of torture have been suffered by detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison or Baghdad Correctional Facility in Iraq. The prisoners locked in there have faced torture in the form of sexual abuse, derogatory levels of humiliation, sodomy as well as other forms of heinous indecency. The worst part about the entire scenario was that that a number of explicit photos were published for the world to see, without keeping in mind the thoughts and feelings of the prisoners and their families. Members of the US CIA crossed the line in the process of interrogation of these prisoners and many had even been removed on charge of dereliction of duty, assault and even battery. Charles Graner and Lynndie England had been reported by a number of journalists and media persons to have themselves constituted a vast amount of torture to the prisoners and were sentenced to jail for a long time for the same. (Hersh, 2007) Torture to human beings is something that has been carried on for a very long time indeed as mostly minority groups are captured and subject to some of the worst forms of trauma and physical as well as mental pain in order to satisfy the thirst of the torturer. In many ancient civilizations as well, torture was seen as something very common indeed. Convicts were treated horrendously with a view to scare the rest of the population and make them comprehend that they should never repeat what the prisoners did otherwise they would eventually find themselves in the same position. Cruelty comes from the mind of a person and man turns sadistic when he finds that his demands are not being met. In ancient Greece, the Brazen Bull was a method used to torture a person in a way that he would eventually get roasted. Perillos, an Athenian brass worker suggested this technique and carved a hollow brazen bull in which a person was inserted. The bull was kept over a fire and the person inside eventually would feel the heat and die due to suffocation and pain released due to extreme temperatures. When the person screamed out in pain, the screams would come out of the bull in a manner that looked as if the bull was enraged. (Historical Facts, 2010) In Roman Catholic Churches, a device called Heretic’s Fork was used as one of the main techniques torture those who did wrong. The fork had two ends clawed with a strap in the middle which was secured around a person’s neck. His hands were tied behind his back as one end of the fork dug into his chin and the other into his chest. If the person moved, the fork would dig into his skin causing his veins to bleed. (Historical Facts, 2010) The middle ages or the Medieval Period has been also known far and wide for the kind of torture people were put through. Modern day depictions through the help of books and movies are not enough to reflect the kind of pain people suffered in those ages simply because they just are not explicit enough. The use of Sick Hanging Cages were very common back then as prisoners or convicts were made to enter iron cages naked and stay there till they died. These cages were placed in the open and prisoners were not given any food or facilities and when they died, their bodies were left to rot there as well till they were eaten up by scavengers. In the ancient Chinese civilization, the process of slow slicing commenced on the basis of ideas of Ling Chi. A steely and sharp knife was used to slowly cut parts of the body of the person being tortured as he lost a great amount of blood and died slowly and gradually as the main aim of this method was to try and extend the life of the victim as much as possible so he could feel the maximum possible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Torture of bomb suspect
The paper throws light on torture that is often used during military interrogations with an aim of eliciting responses from suspects. However, the ethical implications of torture and the reliability of the evidence that emanates from torturing victims leads to the questioning of the torture option as a means of interrogating suspects.
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What constitute torture
While the physical impact of torture ranges from death to fractures, neurological disorders and musculoskeletal problems, the psychological problems associated with torture are depression, fear, shame and the feeling of worthlessness.
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Medieval Torture Devices
The medieval age is a product of such a cycle. Though highly prominent in Europe, Asian empires and civilizations also had their own medieval times. In Europe, after the fall of the Roman Empire, citizens sought refuge to the country-side where huge landlords and nobles took them in and provided them shelter, all in exchange for their freedom (Foe, Parco and Coronado).
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Medical Torture
The practice included using prisoners to force them to take an herbal plant concoction to test whether it is poisonous or not. There were no medical ethics back then and it was considered to be more important in the wider search for knowledge to sacrifice just one life in order to gain something.
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Prisoner Torture Research Paper
The person is punished for an act he or a third person has committed or on suspicion of committing the act. Public authority normally instigates the pain or suffering to such person. In view of the escalating levels of insecurity in the globe, security agencies in different countries use different forms of extracting confessions from criminals or suspects and torture is the most prominent technique.
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Bush Administration and sanctions on policy of torture on detainees
3 3. Legalization of torture practices…………………………………………………..…. 4 4. Why the Bush administration should be condemned for its crimes……………….. 5 5. Call for action against the Bush administration……………………………….…….
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Prisoner Torture
Prisoner Torture. Investigation of any crime or unlawful activity is a precursor to bring the guilty to the rule of law and deliver justice. Therefore, investigation plays a crucial role in detecting and deterring crimes and other unlawful activities from the society.
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Interrogation Techniques: Tactic or Torture
The subjects of interrogation techniques are mostly the witnesses, victims or suspects. There are numerous interrogation techniques, which include deception, waterboarding, torture, and Reid technique among others. In the United States, the US personnel have used numerous interrogation techniques, some of which have been approved by the US government.
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Torture and Ethics Paper
Although the torture policy has been authorized at the top government levels, it has remained a controversial issue for a long time because of the claims that it violates the standard of morality in a free society, such as that of America’s. This paper critically analyzes whether or not torture of enemy combatants in the United States is a violation of the standards of morality in the society.
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Correspondingly, it’s increasingly becoming a focus of the public debate. Being considered of crucial importance to both the very existence of liberal states and societies and regard for liberal values, the torture issue has divided the academia, the judiciary and the public opinion as well.
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