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The economic impacts of the Internet - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks about the revolutionary impact of the Internet on the economy of the United States. With various quantitive and qualitative research methods, this economic impact is evaluated. It is argued, that the influence of the Internet on economy is real and measurable…
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The economic impacts of the Internet
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Extract of sample "The economic impacts of the Internet"

Download file to see previous pages Literature review The concept of computer networking was first launched in the late 1950s. The event that led to the need of a decentralized computer network was Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik during the Cold war. It was the first artificial satellite. In order to compete with Soviet Science, the US Congress established the ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency). It was “equipped with generous funds and a mandate to explore cutting-edge science and technology, and was to play a key role in the Internet’s development.” (History of Computers and the Internet, n.d., p.45) With the growing tension of the Cold War the computer system as storage of commands and controls was no more reliable because of its centralized design. The Rand Corporation developed a new networking technology called packet-switching for creating decentralized network, one that can survive even if a portion of it is destroyed by the enemy. This concept means messages are divided into packets which are small sized units. These packets contain all the information about the data and can reach their destinations by traveling more than one path. In 1968, a small scale ARPANET network was created by Bolt, Beranak and Newman. Initially ARPANET created connection between only four computers situated in California and Utah. During that time, there were only 20 users. Today the Internet is used by millions all over the world (History of Computers and the Internet, n.d., pp.45-46). From ARPANET came the Internet protocol (IP) which allows messages to be transmitted by routers. Routers are “computer nodes acting as mail sorters.” The IP address decides the best path for a package to travel towards its destination. Later on domain names were introduced which...
This research paper focuses on the subject of understanding, appreciating, and analyzing the unique ways that The Internet has fundamentally reshaped our world.
The revolution that the Internet has provided spans across nearly each and every layer of available knowledge and information that one can hope to engage with.
This paper uses research materials to discuss the economic impacts of the Internet and broadband services.
There is great impact of technologies based on The Internet on the business and economy of any nation. Since the invention of the Internet almost four decades ago, it has been a constant source of all kinds of information ranging from entertainment, news, financial and academic. It has helped in creating and maintaining close bonds between friends and strangers from different corners of the world through email services, instant messaging, video conferencing and social networking.
The Internet has also provided the facility of online shopping that enables customers to buy the desired products and services by a click of the mouse. Manufacturers can also get information regarding market demand trends from the Internet. Online tools that guide in productivity and communications are extremely beneficial to government and other enterprises. The Internet has helped the government to more efficiently assess the needs of the public and thus can provide improved delivery of services
Since the advent of the Internet, governments have realised the potential of its services on the business economic and communities.
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