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Internal advocacy for single homeless females: substance abuse and coccuring disorders - Research Paper Example

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Helping homeless women with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders recover Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Helping homeless women with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders recover First Steps Transitional Housing Program Scenario Agency Name First Steps Transitional Housing Program Vision Statement At First Steps Transitional Housing Program, our vision is to be a haven for homeless women with substance addiction issues and ill mental health…
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Internal advocacy for single homeless females: substance abuse and coccuring disorders
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Download file to see previous pages Mission Statement Our mission is to provide correctional services to homeless women who are involved in substance abuse and help them recover from their addictions. We hope to stop the marginalization of women with ill mental health and substance abuse disorders, by giving them back their dignity. We believe in human dignity and respect, therefore we offer unparalleled financial and psychological help to the homeless women. This program looks to reinstate homeless women back into the society, where they can become productive members free from substance abuse. Target Population Our agency targets homeless women who have problems with mental health (MH) and substance abuse (SA). We also have a unit dubbed the “Center for Women and Families” where we accommodate homeless families. At the agency, we also cater for women with mental disorders and substance abuse issues, particularly those who cannot retain sobriety. Service Areas Our main area of focus is on homeless women who have problems to do with ill mental health and substance abuse, within central Florida. These women reside within our coalition facility until they can get longer-term shelters. In addition, our “Center for Women and Families” unit also addresses the needs of children within the coalition. The children’s service is linked to areas within Florida, such as the Orange County Public. Services Provided Residential facilities Specialized treatment through coalitions with several treatment programs Community service Educational opportunities A 24-hour hotline service Job placements Agency Staff 7 board members 10 Case managers 1 clinical administrator 8 clinicians 4 supervisors Several volunteers Focused Population The First Steps Transitional Housing Program is a special treatment program which offers services to homeless and high-risk women. More specifically, First Steps cares for homeless females who have co-occurring substance abuse issues, coupled with mental disorders. As they wait for a vacant bed at the coalition, these women are placed under temporary housing, with workers to treat them. During their stay at the coalition, the women attend long-term treatment programs during the day and group meetings at night and on weekends. Some of these community support and group meetings include Alcoholics/Narcotics/Cocaine Anonymous, and Women’s Empowerment Group. The length of stay at the First Steps program ranges from 30-90 days, after which clients can be enrolled in longer-term programs. Unique Vulnerabilities Presently, the number of women with MH, SA and homelessness issues is on the rise at the in Florida. However, there are inadequate funds to cater for the needs of all these women at the agency. Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely on the state and other charitable organizations for funding. With the current economic situation in the country, these funds have been shrinking and we are forced to cut-down on our cost and intake of deserving clients. In most scenarios, women with MH and SA issues tend to get admission faster than those with SA only. This does not mean that the latter are less worthy of the services offered rather; the former are more at risk and require more urgent care. Therefore, faced with a situation where the agency has to choose between a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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