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Drug Addicts Attitude Towards the Role of Clinical Social Worker - Dissertation Example

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Drug Addicts Attitude towards the Role of Clinical Social Worker at Taif Mental Health Hospital Introduction:- The Saudi society is considered to be one of the most modern in terms of development and establishment as compared to other societies. Recently, it has numerous changes that revolved around social, economic, political and educational aspect through which it gained various developments…
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Drug Addicts Attitude Towards the Role of Clinical Social Worker
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Extract of sample "Drug Addicts Attitude Towards the Role of Clinical Social Worker"

Download file to see previous pages Clinical Social Work Department has been developed via the ministry in (1973), and it has been adopted and entered to hospitals. Clinical social workers started to work with the treating team in the hospital (Treating Physician, nurse and psychologist) with the intention of serving patients and solving their problems (Al-Rasheedi, 1991). Clinical social workers are not expected to be experts in drug and other alcohol related problems. As outlined, they are expected to know and identify the basics, be competent to raise the subject sensitively with the persons they work with, and discuss and assess the alternatives available to persons who may need or want support. Social workers are mainly expected to work intimately with social care, health and criminal justice colleagues to guarantee coordinated care. The substance and material use field is no different and its current national policies have placed working with communities and families high on its plan. This awareness to work with the social facets of substance use means social work requirements to be ready to maximize the opportunities of the partnership this presents and to have some understanding of drug and alcohol services, how they work and what they offer. This study talks about the attitude of the drug addicts attitude towards the role of clinical social worker at Taif Mental Health Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Drug addicts in mental health hospitals are the typical patients with whom the social workers have to deal. So, psycho-social work looks forward to accomplish the aims of therapeutic and preventive mental health. Identifying satisfaction of patient is important to determine the efficiency of any service (Thind, 2010). In a long term care facility, for example, a rehabilitation facility or nursing home, providers of food service use patient satisfaction surveys to recognize specific areas (e.g., food service, quality, timing and selection of the meal) that could be enhanced. To be most valuable, on the other hand, care must be taken in the growth and management of the instrument (Boyce & Neale, 2006). Chapter-I Plan of the Study: 1-         Scope of the Study:  Principles that support social work practice consist of non-judgmental attitudes, advocacy and empathy, yet often persons who experience alcohol or other drug troubles are viewed as less deserving and less worthy than those with other mental or physical health support requirements. Such prejudicial visions are reinforced by the media, own friends and families and frequently our cultures and religions. In general, medical social work is one of the most significant aspects, with which the country is focused on. This is due to the fact that patient requirements integrate therapeutic plan with the intention of providing them with social and health care. These make medical social work a specialized job that depends on scientific methods and technical mechanisms in order to accomplish its aims in different health institutions. Clinical social work mainly depends on the role of clinical social worker and his professional interference with patient, considering that patient is a human being with specific characteristics, and he is distinguished by individualistic differences that make him different from others and help him to solve pathological problems. There is no one method to raise issues of use of drug and alcohol. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug Addicts Attitude Towards the Role of Clinical Social Worker Dissertation.
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