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Can one be moral and not believe in God - Research Paper Example

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Can One Be Moral and Not Believe In God? Outline Introduction The relationship between ethics and religion is an ancient problem. People claiming that moral order would not be present without God assert that fundamental concepts of morality are made available by God…
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Can one be moral and not believe in God
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Download file to see previous pages However, this argument is fallacious. Thinking that God entrenches moral concepts to human beings at birth, and thus moral knowledge relies on God in this regard is incorrect. Belief in God does not necessarily lead to morality, but rather the vice versa. This paper is about the argument that one can be moral without belief in God. There is also arguments that oppose the thesis, and response to the counter-thesis. One Can Be Moral and not Believe in God Our arguments tend to be biased, which makes it difficult for us to distinguish between right and wrong. How do we know that our arguments are biased? Our thinking is subject to many errors, and therefore cannot provide reliable arguments. Presupposing that our moral knowledge is purely dependent on God’s revelations is implausible. We require knowledge that some actions are morally necessary, and that our own presuppositions do not reveal that these actions are necessary. If we conclude that an action is morally right based on the premise that God demands us to behave in a particular manner, then what remains is at least one of our own judgments that whatever God requires is morally right. The belief that God entrenches moral concepts to human beings at birth, and thus moral knowledge relies on God, is incorrect. ...
If rational considerations are necessary for explicit moral principles, why is their epistemic status different from the general? Indeed, the sense in which humans acquire knowledge of such detailed instructions remains questionable. Morality has no basis in religion. In other words, morality does not owe its origin from doctrinal claims of religion entirely. In fact, quite the opposite is the truth, namely that our conceptualizations of good and evil, if present, does not depend on religion, despite one holding the Jewish-Christian-Islamic view of the Deity. Our morality depends on our very nature. If humans lack such desires and needs, there will be no morality at all. Our nature makes us not to get satisfied with non-religious morals. We cannot derive satisfaction of our cravings purely from secular. We crave for a superior being to protect us, someone who would alleviate our suffering, a God that can provide us with the promise of a wonderful everlasting life. Counter-Thesis and Counter-Argument: Morality Requires Belief in God The belief in a supreme being, God, is important for humans because life without religious beliefs cannot provide a proper rationale or basis for moral beliefs. It would be difficult for humans to practice good will or practice morality in a world without God. A world without God would not require any aspect of morality for individuals living in it. God is the genesis of moral foundation required of humans; therefore, without God, the concept of moral necessity is baseless (Nielsen, 1982). Despite that many people do not acknowledge the foundation of morality to be the Word of God, the morality and regulations that a majority of humans hold to are anchored in the Word of God. The absolute standards for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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