Investigating snacking behaviour in young adults with a view to promoting healthier snacking behaviour - Dissertation Example

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Snacking Behaviour in Young Adults in Northern Ireland, with a View to Promoting Healthier Snacking Behaviour Table of Contents 2 1. Introduction and Problem Definition 4 1.1 Introduction 4 1.2 Problem definition 4 1.3 Aims 5 2. Literature Review 5 2.1 Introduction 6 2.2 Prevalence of snacking 6 2.3 Consequences of snacking decisions 8 2.4 Drivers of snacking behaviour 9 2.5 Good versus poor snacking 11 2.6 Variables 14 3…
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Investigating snacking behaviour in young adults with a view to promoting healthier snacking behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction and Problem Definition 1.1 Introduction There has been significant concern that the prevalence of high-energy snacks in modern society has led to people snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. This behaviour has the potential to dramatically increase energy intake, if this energy is not expended, then it can result in weight gain, and health problems associated with this. 1.2 Problem definition Snacking has become a prevalent problem in recent years. Not only are people consuming snacks more often, but there is also a strong association between snacking and weight gain . This is a significant problem, as weight gain can cause many health and psychological problems, such as increased risk of diabetes, and of developing depression . The reason is that most snacks that people eat are highly processed, and have high levels of salt and sugar . Although snacking has increased in prevalence for all age groups, it is particularly relevant for young adults, as this age group has been shown to have a significant increase of energy consumed per snack . Snacking is prevalent in Northern Ireland, and the snack industry is booking as a result . ...
This disease is strongly linked to excess consumption of carbohydrates and weight gain . This suggests that snacking is a significant problem in Northern Ireland. However, this information does not show the snacking behaviour of young adults in Northern Ireland. Currently, there has been little research regarding what factors influence young adults to snack. If the variables that drive snacking are known, then it is possible to begin and develop methods of decreasing the amount that young adults snack. This is particularly important, as the eating habits that young adults develop often stay with them for the rest of their life . Research suggests that an unhealthy diet during youth can have significant effects on health both immediately and in the future youth . Consequently, it is important to understand what factors influence young adults to snack. Understanding these influences may provide important information to help reduce the prevalence of unhealthy snacking behaviour in young adults. 1.3 Aims The aims of this study are to evaluate snacking behaviour in young adults in Northern Ireland, and to use this information to determine what would be effective was of promoting healthy snacking among this population. To achieve this, the recent literature surrounding the field of snacking will be examined, and a mixed methods research method will be designed that makes use of a quantitative and qualitative aspect. 2. Literature Review 2.1 Introduction To propose a particular type of research it is important to examine the published literature, particularly that which was published recently. Understanding the findings of recent studies helps to determine what aspects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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