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Is the new policy of housing cap better off for people with mental Health problem in England - Literature review Example

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The paper should examine the overall relationship between mental health and housing issues, the lack of affordable housing in the UK and the housing benefit cap. The paper suggests that the housing caps will result in the displacement of thousands of people who are currently living in high rent areas…
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Is the new policy of housing cap better off for people with mental Health problem in England
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Extract of sample "Is the new policy of housing cap better off for people with mental Health problem in England"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the mentally ill population of London will be hurt by a cap in housing benefits. The housing benefit was instigated in 1982 and 1983 through the Social Security and Housing Benefits Act, 1982. The Housing Benefits, which are available to UK residents, vary according to region. In regions where housing is less affordable, residents are eligible for more benefits. The converse is also true. Hamnett uses the example of London verses the North East. The eligible weekly rent for tenants in London was £73, while in the North East it was £43.This was based upon the rents in these two areas. The housing benefit is not available to individuals who have over £16,000 in savings, who are living in the home of a close relative, who is a full-time student or who is an asylum seeker. Eligible rent includes rent for the accommodation, and charges for certain services such as lifts, communal laundry facilities and play areas. The circumstances which are examined when allotting the housing allowance includes the amount of income, savings and personal circumstances. Other circumstances are whether the rent is reasonable for the particular home, whether the home is a reasonable size for the family and whether the rent is reasonable for the area. The changes which were made in April of 2011 are that there is a cap on payments. The Local Housing Allowance must not exceed £250 for a one bedroom property;£290 a week for a two bedroom property; £340 a week for a three bedroom property and £400 a week for a four bedroom property. ...
Evans et al. also found a correlation between the quality of the dwelling and mental health. They found that mothers with young children who live in high rises suffer mental health effects because the children cannot easily play outside. Such factors as structural defects, dampness, pest infestation (eg. rodents and cockroaches) and mold all adversely affect mental health, and the absence of these factors have a positive correlation with increased mental health. Living in lower-income neighborhoods also is positively correlated with decreased mental health, and the effects of overcrowding on psychological distress are compounded when this overcrowding occurs in a low-income neighborhood (Evans et al., 2003, p. 491). In other words, overcrowding negatively affects mental health, as does living in a low-income neighborhood. Put these two factors together, and the problem is aggravated. Moreover, another practical effect of this housing cap is that people will be forced to leave their homes and find dwellings in less expensive areas. In overcrowded areas such as London, where there are many more people living there than dwellings, the upshot is that more people are going to be forced to live in substandard housing. London has such high demand for housing that the landlords will not negotiate their rents to meet the decreased subsidies, and, in fact, many landlords are refusing to take new people who depend upon the subsidies (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2006). This problem would probably be lessened in the less-desirable areas of London, where there is overcrowding and substandard living conditions. The literature reveals that living in these conditions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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