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From this research it is clear that there is one fundamental aspect that holds conflict theory and social class binding: resource. Conflict theory is commonly used to describe the ability of each member of different groups to coerce, influence, or control others in order to gain resources in the society…
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Inequality in Relation to Social Class
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the fundamental concept of the conflict theory is that, people strive to compete, despite a possible conflict, just to gain more of the common resource or to hoard a scarce resource. Moreover, as Karl Marx denoted it, society is actually divided into various fragmented groups that compete for social and economic resources, and attend to their unique interests. Due to this, consensus in the society is not guaranteed since only those that hold greater domination in terms of political, economic, and social resources, are able to achieve a particular goal, even if it is in complete opposition with the interests of other groups. By now, the direct relationship between conflict of interests and social class is apparent through the fact that if there is an equal treatment and distribution of resources, or that if there is no group that in one way or another could make domineering decisions for the society, the issue on designating one person to a high or low level of stratum would have been lessened or better yet eliminated. This would substantially alleviate the inequality that occurs among those who are disadvantaged, in this case, the lower classes. On the other hand, Structural Functionalism is a sociological perspective that views society as composed of interrelated parts. Each of these parts performs various functions essential for the stability and survival of the society. White reiterated that individuals’ membership in a certain group must endure and persist to ensure the society's survival. (21). Those who adhere to structural-functionalist perspective diligently work to maintain and attain the interest of the society. Those who espouse this particular view believe that offering more opportunities and catering to the needs of those who are in the upper class best serve the interest of the society (White 21). Individuals in the upper class possess approximately half of the privately held U.S. corporate stock. The upper class stock holding families continue to be directly involved in major corporations (Ackerman 52). The members of the upper class attain higher education at prestigious schools. They have access to political and social power. These individuals possess greater understanding of the social, political and economic context (Weir 887). Thus, they are considered as legible in running companies and leading governments. Several experts argued that middle and lower class fail to transcend from their personal milieu as they continue to grapple with problems relating to their basic needs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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